The Catholic Church is always coming up with "new doctrine".

. I refuse to believe anything if I cannot find it in the Bible.
Oh? Please give me a list of this “new” doctrine of what you speak? Also please give me the verse which you use to “prove” that everything worth believing is in the Bible?

*Catholics “worship” Mary.
I have been a Catholic all of my life and I have never heard the Church tell its people that we must worship Mary. For that charge to be true, then please provide the genuine Catholic Church document which states that Catholics are to worship Mary? Did you ever think to go to the source for the answer to this one?

With all due respect, this is a site that already has questions to these types of Protestant claims, and this forum itself already gets enough of these threads from real Protestants without Catholics making new ones to beat the same dead horses.

As for the Blessed Virgin Mary, we don’t “worship” her - that alone is for Christ. However, we HONOR her and offer her our love and devotion based off of Christ’s love for his mother and her role in salvation history. Plus, we ask for her intercession since she is also our heavenly mother given to us by Jesus during His crucifixion as He spoke to John. ("Then He said to the disciple, “Behold, your mother.” John 19:27)


Also, truth is revealed not only through the Bible, but also sacred tradition. Sacred tradition is also known as “apostolic tradition”. The apostles received from Jesus by

  1. listening to His words, 2) watching His way of life and His works, and 3) receiving the Holy Spirit after His ascension on Pentacost. With the Holy Spirit’s assistance, the Apostles were able to pass down all that they had received from Christ through their own spoken words, their practices/actions, and the institutions they established. In this way the apostles (along with their successors) are able to pass all that they had received from Christ to us! You will not find all of this in the Bible. God is not limited to words.

Peace in Christ!

Thank You for your opinion,we all have one.

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