The Catholic Church is the only Church that claims to still be the one true Church

The Catholic Church doesn’t just claim to be the one true Church. It claims to still be the one true Church. Other churches that claim to be the one true church can not make this claim, meaning they didn’t exist when the early church existed. The Orthodox also make this claim, but this is not disputed by the Catholic Church. Because the Catholic Church sees the Orthodox as an extension of themselves, as its other lung so to speak. Both are the one true Church together, and it is only a temporary schism (not heresy) that gives the illusion that they are two different churches.

Before it was even called Christianity or the Catholic Church, it was once a form of Judaism and eventually split off. I suppose the Church views itself as an extension of Judaism, the faith all Abrahamic religions acknowledge as truth.

They have a beautiful point of view:

Jim, do you have brothers and sisters? If you do, I’m sure you’ll agree that each of you is different. One of you may be musical, another a sports freak, and yet another more academically inclined. Each of you is an individual, and that should be encouraged. It would be wrong of parents to treat all their kids the same. If they would have forced you all to play violin, or soccer, or to read Shakespeare it would have been counter-productive. Good parents know that each child has to be allowed to develop in their own unique way.

The nations of the world are all G‑d’s children. He doesn’t treat them all the same because they aren’t all the same. He wants each nation to develop in its own way. So each nation has a different path to reach their full potential. To the Jewish nation he gave the Torah as our way of expressing our souls. But Judaism is not for everyone. We don’t believe that a non-Jew needs to become Jewish to find G‑d. Just like a musically-talented child shouldn’t be forced to play soccer. Anyone is welcome to convert, but that is up to them.

G‑d created different nations because each has a unique contribution to offer the world. Maybe your “mission” should be to ensure that your nation fulfils that purpose.

from Chabad

I’m not sure the Orthodox are as…um…charitable toward us as we are toward them. We’re willing to acknowledge far more about them than they are about us. :o

Yes the Catholic Church is Christ’s church.

Actually, more than one Church claims to be “the one true church.” The LDS come to mind. I get what you were saying though :thumbsup:

I found your analogy to Jim about brothers and sisters to be quite interesting. I think you perfectly conveyed the point of what religion has become to this generation. If you notice you spoke of each child being different. You pointed out each child’s wants and desires. As you say each is an individual, which is where the me an Jesus mentality comes from. I do agree it would be wrong for parents to treat their sports freaks wants and desires the same as their violinists. I agree with you on these points when you say “Good parents know that each child has to be allowed to develop in their own unique way.” However, that does not mean the rules of the house are different for each child. Sure I’m not going to make my daughter that works for a vet study calculus like the daughter that is studying to be an architect. But that doesn’t mean they can pick which rules of mine to follow. When the architect is home from school she has to do her share of the barn work just like the rest. On a side note I also raise sheep. Jesus didn’t call us sheep because we are stupid. Quite the contrary sheep are quite intelligent, I have seen them do some impressive things to do what they want, to get what they want, whenever they want, even at the expense of their neighbor.

See this is the problem with society now a days we have such a difficult time with authority. It’s all about me and wanting to play violin, or soccer, or to read Shakespeare. It’s all about the person we want to be and what we want, that we are forgetting the plan (the “rules” of the covenant family) that God wants us to follow.

God laid out his plan for salvation we can choose to follow the shepherd and be a part of the flock or we can choose the free will he gave us to make our own flock.

God Bless

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Exactly what I was thinking. :).

As do the Assembly of God. At least they only let AG’s take communion. (Not a reflection on the authenticity of their communion, just reflection of experience at an AG church).

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Agree. The Orthodox believe they are the original church.

Which is a historically preposterous proposition, since Constantinople had no significance in the pre-Nicene church, Alexandria broke off from Constantinople in the 5th Century, and Antioch restored communion with Rome in the 18th Century.

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Thats for sure. There is a thread out there on youtube where Ive been condemned by the Orthodox as a heretic left and right for being charitably Catholic towards them. The amount of vitriol some of them have for Catholics is astounding. In my book if some people don’t criticize your religion, you are doing something wrong.

I only experience that from Orthodox who used to be Protestant or Catholics.

The Orthodox and Catholics were one, that’s what schism means, they broke away. And not all of Antioch were restored, and not all were broken away. I belong to the Church of Antioch that never broke with Rome, so still Orthodox AND Catholic.

Wow, that is an interesting piece of history I didn’t know before:

The Patriarch of Antioch, Anastasius II died in 609, and Constantinople began to appoint a series of titular patriarchs, who resided not in Antioch but in Constantinople. In 685, the Maronites elected Bishop John Maron of Batroun as Patriarch of Antioch and all the East.[8] Through him, the Maronites of today claim full apostolic succession through the Patriarchal See of Antioch. While this installation of a patriarch was seen as a usurpation by the Orthodox hierarchy, John received the approval of Pope Sergius I, and became the first Maronite Patriarch of the oldest see in Christianity.

You are correct! Many people try to refute this claim by bringing up historical (centuries old) “controversies” surrounding the Roman Catholic Church, but what they do not realize is, is that the Roman Catholic Church’s infallibility was not even once tainted through out a sometimes tumultuous 2,000 year period, despite all of these “controversies.”

@esieffe Your last sentence reminds me of a quote from Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, “If I were not a Catholic, and were looking for the true Church in the world today, I would look for the one Church which did not get along well with the world.”

Rome had no significance until Peter and Paul showed up there.

That is true in some cases. But, I don’t want to make sweeping generalizations about all Orthodox and how charitable they are to their Christian brothers. I have heard some Orthodox say that they are the one true Church and that the Catholic Church was started at the time of the schism, but that is just mere biased nonsense. I think that logically, if I were an outsider looking at it from an impartial point of view you could say that there was not the beginnings of any kind of church during the schism, but rather the separation of an existing one. And these two halves both stretch back into antiquity. So logically both could make the claim that they were the one true Church started by Jesus and both be correct. And no one could coherently argue otherwise.

If you take an apple and cut it in half do you now have 2 apples? It might be more reasonable to say that the Catholic Church is half of what it used to be, than it would be to say that the Orthodox Church is all what it used to be now that half of it is missing.

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