"The Catholic Church Just Destroyed Itself with Logic"

I feel like this is was made out of the lack of theological knowledge. What do you all think?

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is this an atheist discussing the incorrect baptism of a couple of priests?

Which question did you have on it?

The speaker is incorrect about quite a lot of things at the very start of this video. The speaker calls himself a friendly atheist. I doubt he has theological training.

“its like a random vaccination against your evil baby nature” " baptism is like a gateway drug to the church"

" for many years informal movement … so some priests would baptise babies saying we"


Yes, he goes on to explain how the Catholic church is can’t directly define why we need the sacraments, therefore Catholicism is absurd. I’m not really going to question (although I probably should) becasue I know this is due to a lack of knowledge of Church teachings.


Oh great question you have. I would like to answer it in depth later this morning.

Why does God give us the gift of the Sacraments. I will listen to the video and answer the errors I know in it, and the reason they are errors. I am sure others will jump on this thread and discuss it too.

My kids do this at times, send youtubes and ask if they are true, it has really helped them to discuss the youtubes. They seem to argue / debate them with friends at bbqs and dinners.

Knowledge is power as they say, we can listen to these videos and know where the errors are and why they are errors and then apply critical thinking to people claiming things about our Church.


Skeptics bark and the Church keeps rolling on.


Made by “Friendly Atheist” who is obsessed with Catholics/Christians and everything connected to them, in negative way.
To be honest I do not care what he thinks because it is one of milion videos which try to prove “Catholics wrong - we right”.
“Ten reason why you shouldn’t tell your kids about God”. Enough.
I don’t care for his opinions, I can only pray for him.
Nothing already seen until today.


Yea, my YouTube reccomendations are full of these types of videos. And yeah, I as well think all we can do fir them is pray. I personally just wish and have also tried to covert atheists, but its just more complicated than that which I now realize.


I am still trying to “convert” myself and that is harder than Atheist. :laughing:

I suggest you Catholic Answers for apologetic answers to common questions.


Yeah, so this dude is astonishingly accurate about the situation as it is, and inaccurate about a few unimportant details, but he is, unsurprisingly, extremely condescending and patronizing about “superstitious religion” and incredibly gleeful about what he clearly sees as a “gotcha moment” for the Catholic Church.

I would not be surprised if this dude was a former Catholic for many years, from all his knowledge; most atheists don’t gain this level of knowledge from studying from the outside a little bit.

I feel like he missed the mark regarding marriages; I believe the diocese will be investigating the circumstances of the marriages, because most of them could be valid, given two witnesses and proper procedures were observed; marriage doesn’t require a priest, just proper Catholic form.

It was very painful for me to watch this video; I try not to give hits and views to such distasteful channels and creators, but you wanted opinion, so there you have it.

Haha, I as well am still trying to adjust to a more Catholic life. And thanks fore the reference, CA is always a place if I’m ever confused on something. All in all stay well and I’ll keep you in my prayers!

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And THAT my friend is the right attitude we ALL should have. Bravo!
Never a day that we can’t learn something new about our beautiful faith.



Yes it is lacking in understanding, but he seems so happy!

Infant baptism. (CDF: Cannot say validly “we baptise”.)
To free from original sin. (Error: infant has evil nature. Error: not baptized in the name of Christ alone.) Calls laws of the Church superstitions.
He does not consider baptism of desire present with adult baptism.
He does not consider perfect contrition that could be present with penance.
He does not consider spiritual communion that can bring an increase of grace.


I am not sure exactly what you were expecting theologically, but he is loads more accurate than most atheists to be encountered on YouTube.

I’m not emotionally in a place right now to watch 15 minutes of a sneeringly-toned video – but if you were to sum up, is this atheist’s basic argument:

1.) some kind of claim about unknowable cascading non-baptisms from way back in history, leading to doubt about holy orders and other sacraments in general today? or

2.) a claim that Church teaching about the necessity of water baptism has somehow contradicted previous teaching? (I’m inferring from thread comments about him not taking into account baptism of desire etc.)

I just lowered my cholesterol by eating Cheerios and reading the Catechism…


Yes, in general, he thinks that the Catholic Church “Cinematic Universe” is imploding over one pronoun in the baptismal formula, and he intimates that untold thousands of invalid baptisms have been attempted and so there should be rampant Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt among Catholics about the validity of sacraments – or more accurately, that Catholics should “stop being superstitious” and cast off the shackles of religious faith and become good law-abiding atheists like him.


Thanks for the summary. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, like you say he seems tuned in enough to have a point to a degree (at least, his point is one worth talking about, and I think was talked about, weeks ago on CAF; I recall a rebuttal about a more intense way bishops are ordained that should theoretically nip cascading effects in the bud at least at the level of bishops).

But then he goes off the tracks entirely if he suggests the alternative is atheism. I know in my case, that’s not in the universe of options on my radar. Sounds like wishful thinking or leaping past any understanding of beyond-the-surface religious experience at that point.


I don’t know, I’m not going to watch the video, as I have more important things to do. Like write, pray, and read.


My nephew (who’s father is a believer, but that’s about it, and my sister isn’t sure) knows quite a lot about God. Because I told him. And my sister knows I told him. And we talk about God. A lot.


I agree Adam, I have prayers to say and a nap to take before I do an hour at 40 Hours.

The only time I bother with these types of videos is where someone has a specific question, like “At 00:30 they say blahblahblah and I know the Church teaches blahblahblee and is there anything in Scripture to support the Church position” etc.

Just throwing up some random video by some random non-Catholic trashing Church teaching and saying “What do you think?” will always get the same response from me: “I think it’s a waste of my time and yours, and why do you bother to watch this stuff?”

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