The Catholic Church: the Original Church


Those who apply the term “Catholic Church” to all Christians indiscriminately find it objectionable that a term designating the whole Church (as an invisible entity) should be used to refer to one communion only. However, the Roman Catholic Church, which normally refers to itself simply as the Catholic Church, and which published a “Catechism of the Catholic Church” in 1992, can be traced historically to be, basically, the continuation of the original Catholic or universal Church, from which other groups broke away at various times in history. The Catholic Church holds that there can be no such thing as the Church as an “invisible entity” ONLY. Since the time of the Reformation in the 16th century, Protestants (those who protest) have sought to restore a more primitive expression of the Church, whose goals and beliefs they believe to be more consonant with the early Church, based primarily on Scriptural texts. However, there was a span of time exceeding a millennium between the “early Church” and the Reformation during which both Scripture and Christian teaching were maintained.

This is from Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia. Wikipedia can hardly be described as a Catholic apologetics sight, but simply an objective information source. I thought it might serve as an effective tool for any protestants out there who are having doubts as to which is the original Christian church.


It just occured to me that since I didn’t provide a hyperlink, someone could just come to the conclusion that I made this up. Trouble is, I don’t know how to provide a hyperlink. Anyone?


In the meantime, to any would-be doubters: just go to, and look up “catholic” and hit “go.” not “roman catholic,” not “catholicism,” not “catholic church,” JUST “CATHOLIC.”


You click on the button that looks like the planet earth with a paper clip:

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The Catholic Church is the true faith, all others are deficient. The Catholic Church does not only mean “Roman,” though the Roman Church is the biggest fullfilling Christ’s promise to Peter that he would make him a fisher of men, there is also the Eastern Catholic Churches that are in full communion with Rome.




[quote=CollegeKid]It just occured to me that since I didn’t provide a hyperlink, someone could just come to the conclusion that I made this up. Trouble is, I don’t know how to provide a hyperlink. Anyone?

It’s too late to go back and put a link in your first post, but for the future, when you are composing or editing you will notice a bunch of little thingamajiggies above the text field.

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I’m gonna repeat a paraphrase of GKC that I posted earlier in a different post.

The easiest thing for a catholic to be is an intellectual snob for he knows that he is right (regarding his faith tradition).

We have to guard against the arrogance of knowing…but always to explain with generous amounts of charity when we get the opportunity. Remember Benedict XVI: truth without charity is a clangging cymbal.

God bless us all this weekend.


… and St. Paul, “***… if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing***.”.




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