The Catholic church's answer (not individuals)


All I get from this forum is the opinion of individuals. What is the Catholic church’s answer to these questions that appear in the forum?
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Invest in a good catechism of the Catholic Church if you haven’t already done so,and talk with a priest if you are unsure on any of the teachings or have questions you arn’t satisfied with answers given here
is what I would suggest .
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Catholicism for dummy is a pretty good one. Very popular, now in its third edition. Don’t be deceived by the title. It is good enough for any Catholics but especially if you want answers.


Which specific question


Since you prefer not to say which question(s) you want answered, here’s a link to the catechism. Searchable, and free.


Many of the “individuals” quote the Catechism or other authoritative Church source like a current Vatican document. That means it is not just their opinion.


Some cite the Catechism.

Some don’t.

Some think they know the Catechism but don’t.

Some do.

The Church is made up of different people, but not in the individualist sense, but as a community of believers, and by that I mean, they are different members of the one Body of believers.


That is an excellent book. Easy and to the point on all the Church teaches.


It depends on the question. Not every question has an official answer from the Catholic Church.


This is a forum where you will get all kinds of answers. Please note the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen:

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“There shall be one flock and one sheppard” Does that mean everyone will be Catholic under the Pope before the end of the world?


I have the Catholic catechism. There many questions not in the catechism such as an explanation for “There shall be one flock and one sheppard”.



Go further into reading the bible and see what it says about conversion of the jews


Go ask a priest in person, it’s what I tell everyone who comes here searching for answers.


That’s not always a sure thing these days.




Yes, do not always believe what you read here in the forums. Catholic Answers has an extremely diverse group of individuals here on the forum and anything could be said. Myself included.
I would check out a couple of different Catholic forums, that do not allow such diversity in belief, if you want more clear cut answers or as others have said, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Baltimore Catechism or your priest.


The fact that they “do not allow such diversity in belief” does not guarantee they are pushing the correct belief.

The current, official Catechism of the Catholic Church is the best resource for answers endorsed by the Church. But NOT the Baltimore Catechism, which as has been discussed on here in at least 2 recent threads, contains information that is at odds with the current Church position expressed in the current official Catechism.


Yes, the CCC is the most recent and an excellent resource for answers and is official of the Church, I agree but don’t discard the Baltimore catechism.

I did just go through an extreme amount of comments in three to four different recent threads regarding the CCC and the Baltimore catechism and could not find anywhere that it was decided here that the Baltimore catechism was at odds with the Church. There are actually many comments from many people favoring the Baltimore catechism and encouraging its use. Plus it’s good to remember there are different versions of the Baltimore catechism.

I do encourage using it. It is a good resource for Catholic teaching as it is set up different, by just giving short, factual answers. The CCC as great as it is, is longer and when one wants just a fact on a Catholic teaching the question and answer format works very well, especially when teaching youth.

Another great read to understand Catholic teaching is the Catechism of Trent.
Haydock’s Bible commentary is very good also, always giving quotes from Church Fathers.

Also a place that is a favorite of mine is The New St. Thomas Institute set up by Taylor Marshall who at one point was an apologist on Catholic Answers and has writings and materials on Scott Hahn’s website, St. Paul Center. Marshall answers a lot of questions raised today by Catholics.

God bless


As a new and inquiring Catholics found the apologetics part of this website as a great Catholic resource. There’s a link to it at the bottom of the page along with a disclaimer that the opinions expressed in these forums do not necessarily reflect those of Catholic Answers.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed in these forums do not necessarily reflect those of Catholic Answers. For official apologetics resources please visit