The Catholic Code (alpha numerical Bible code)


This topic certainly falls under apologetics, but “blossoms” into a variety of other topics (eschatology) that some may not consider a sacred scripture topic. I’ve been working on this line of investigation for decades; so this presentation represents a very simplified need-it-now, need-it-fast-youtube version for this generation and technology. (but I apologize up front for the relatively low tech Powerpoint style execution) Suffice it to say that there are some ground breaking discoveries here that (I believe) have the potential to bridge the gap between science and religion in a way that has never been done before… particularly with a Catholic “architecture.” The Catholic Code is an (not ELS) alpha-numeric code (I suppose I chose that name as a response to the DaVinci Code which really gets under my skin) based partly on patterns and symbolism of the Hebrew alphabet and the first line of Genesis, which both contain multi layered levels of information. My premise is that origins are incredibly important and that many core principles of existence and terrestrial life: light & dark, earth, space time, human consciousness, etc. that were written for Old Testament/Old Covenant peoples and purposes should also be present for New Testament purposes and in the (Biblical) origins of the Church in Matthew 16:18… which “matches” in a number of ways… phi and the Golden Section, a numerical principle that many people link with intelligent design… usually expressed as 1.618. I’m looking for some feedback from the big thinkers out there… those of you who are capable of stretching the often dogmatic limits of Catholic doctrine in favor of seeing our faith as a integral part of a much larger–even universal truth–which must by definition include “parallels” from some very unexpected places. If you have praise and find the videos valuable, I would appreciate your support on youtube. If you have constructive criticism, comments, or additions please post them here and I will do my best to make corrections. Thank you all!
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