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As a former prodestant, and now an RCIA catechumenate, I must say, the Catholic church is wonderful. I always felt a little amiss growing up and didn’t want to attend church. My parents were devoutful Christians and excellent role models but I always felt that church wasn’t for me back then.

After a dark period in my life (without religion) I needed Christ. Catholisim has given me my life back. I think other religions today try to talior their services ‘not to offend’. I like the Catholic teaching and the sacraments. I never understood why my inlaws were so insistent on my wife remaining in the Catholic faith, but now I get it.

What has drawn others (converts) to the Catholic faith and why? If you don’t mind sharing, of course, it would help me to expand on my faith.



I wanted to understand things fully, not just accept teachings because someone said so.

I love the Church because every teaching has a reasonable explaination.

The Church doesn’t, make stuff up, or choose which parts of the Bible are acceptable and which to simply ignore because they contradict the teachings.


For myself I was baptized Lutheran but my mother was Catholic, and therefore brought me up as Catholic. I spent a life time sitting in the back pew isolated from everyone. Not that much of a shock my life turned out to be not what I wanted:) Something was always missing, I always went to turn to ‘someone’ for help. It wasn’t until I had the courage to convert that the thing missing wasn’t missing anymore. I can’t explain truely what I felt, all I know is that there was a lot of tears and a lot of joy! It is a very long road to play ‘catch up’ with others, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!!
God Bless


What drew me to the Church was Jesus. What keeps me in the Church is God’s grace.

At least, I think it’s God’s grace. It could be something else, but grace is the only word I know for it; it’s a word I use to describe something which I cannot fully describe, sort of how the Apostle John says the Holy Spirit came down upon Jesus “in the form of a dove”. But this grace has been with me ever since I converted; it has led me away from some private revelations with clear words, and it has led me to other private revelations with clear signs; it has commanded me to pray certain prayers and it has inspired me to imitate certain saints; it has deepened my faith and my love and it beckons me to God. Perhaps it is God Himself who I am trying to describe? Ah, but I don’t know! I leave it to God, and trust in Him. He is the Cause of every goodness and He is goodness itself - thanks be to the Lord, for willing to make me an instrument of His Will and for every circumstance which He permits in my life!


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