The Catholic Family News

I was given a copy of the last edition, and enjoyed reading it.
With the exception of, (for lack of better term,…), what appeared to me to be a little “Vatican bashing”.

Before I subscribe to it, I was hoping a few of you would be willing to give me your critique of the paper.

I’m a new member of an FFSP community and dearly love it. I’d ask our priest, but he’s extremely busy, and hate to take up any of his time with anything so trivial.


I’ve read them online only. I think they hurt the traditionalist movement by adding bitterness and negative baggage to it (like the “Vatican bashing” you speak of which goes beyond the bounds of repsectful contructive criticism.) The FSSP and ICK priests and supporters I have met do not seem to share that attitude or approach.

I wouldn’t get a subscription. Heresy is not the only thing that can poison a soul–bitterness can act like a rusted arrow in your heart.

Of of my customers and friend swears by it and he lends me them to read, they do bash the Vatican, a lot, and that is why my friend likes it so much. :shrug:

That is a spot-on assessment, especially the phrase that I bolded. I used to have a subscription, but never renewed it. My advice would be to stay away from publications like Catholic Family News and The Remnant.

Additionally, they are very pro-SSPX, and appear blinded to any real problems in the Society (which do exist).

Thank you.:slight_smile:

It’s excellent. They are pro-SSPX, but I wouldn’t say they’re “Vatican-bashing.” The truth is the truth. The Virgin Mary at La Salette (approved by the Church) “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.” The gates of hell will NEVER prevail against the Church of God, but in Truth (which the Church stands for) many Catholics seem to overlook problems within the Vatican (as “trads” do with the SSPX). The Church is going through an awful trial, and these people (CFN, SSPX, FC, etc) simply make it known so Catholics don’t fall to the left. Subscribe!:thumbsup:

I find the publications like the Catholic Family News, Remnant, etc depressing.

We know that there are many problems in the Church, we know that there are horrible bishops and plenty of gay priests teaching heresy. We know that Catholics are being mislead by the people who are supposed to be protecting the faith. We know that there are horribly abusive Masses and it is difficult to find faithful Catholicism.

So why not print a publication teaching truth, defending the faith and inspiring?
This Rock does a fine job of this, so does from the Housetops (they might be a little feenyite but they make a great publication) they make a faithful little publication that inspires.
Reading the other magazines is kinda like watching Jerry Springer, they might be faithful but they are also so focused on the crisis in the Church today it can turn you bitter.

I know that being in a silly parish with plenty of dissent sometimes makes me overeact and kinda cynical at times, I need to visit faithful parishes to get a recharge, but I can’t just dwell on the bad.

God Bless

<<The Virgin Mary at La Salette (approved by the Church) “Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.”>>

This probably should be another thread, but I believe this locution should be seen in light of the political situation that existed at the time, with the rise of Napoleon, Italian unification–and the temporary exile of the Pope (Pius IX, I think it was) from Rome.

<<so does from the Housetops (they might be a little feenyite but they make a great publication)>>

They are not a little Feenyite; they are a LOT Feenyite. They are in fact the direct lineal successors of Fr. Feeny, who believed in the Immaculate Conception and Assumption of St. Joseph.

Like their founder, they carry “Extra ecclesiam nulli salus” to an extent that won the censure of Pope Pius XII himself.

That may be right too, but that part was not in the approved version, but in an account of the revelation that ended up on the Index of Forbidden books Here are the two versions side-by-side:

Here’s an article concerning the second versions non-approval:

The city of Rome may lose the faith, but not the Church of Rome.

In fact, almost word-for word, Pope Sixtus IV, when condemning the errors of Peter de Osma listed one as “The Church of Rome can lost the faith.”

In fact. St. Cyprian said the same, saying the Church of Rome was where faithlessness found no access.

I figured before I ordered a magazine or periodical, I’d check with my Priest,…so I asked him if there were any good “traditionalist” periodicals available,…he recommended The Latin Mass Magazine.
I’m gonna take his advice.

:slight_smile: You may now hijack the thread as you wish.:slight_smile:

I would suggest you read the publication, it doesn’t reflect that at all. The people who are at the center might be a LOT Feenyite, but reading the publication you do not notice it.
It is a lot better reading than most any other publication and is a lot like This Rock Magazine except they give great biographies of Saints which are very informative. I would suggest every Catholic read it as it is very uplifting and not negative at all, unlike the Catholic Family News, Remnant, etc…

You can get a free copy by writing them, but I would suggest you just order a copy as it is a lot more polite to do with these small Catholic organizations, they don’t have a lot of money to throw around.

In Christ

I read some of the sample articles from the “Housetops” that they let you read for free (one from each back issue available–just click on the thumbnail of the issue cover). They seemed good–in one they specifically defended Pope Paul VI on some issues saying what he said was twisted by liberals.

That being said, the St. Benedict Center’s status is “irregular” from what I gather from their website. I’m not against buying good products from non-Catholics or “irregular” Catholics, but if I can find a comparable product at a similar price (especially concerning religious products) from a Catholic outfit with no “irregularities,” I’ll go with them.

Your right I don’t shop there, but I really enjoy from the Housetops.

And speaking of irregularity, they do preach the faith much more faithfully than the Religious Education Congress in Los Angeles and plenty of us Catholics spend hundreds of thousands of dollars there. I spent money there on the faithful nuns selling good books at a booth there.

We should seek the good out of everyone and support that good.
As the Bible says,
Test everything hold fast to what is good.

That is why I do support their publication, it is a good publication.

In Christ

My spouse likes it. I find it querulous. Whenever something questionable happens (such as B-16 communicating Brother Roger of Taize), they present it in the worst possible light.

At my church, I was told never to read this newspaper because it is not only pro SSPX but sedevacantist.

I’ve never subscribed to Catholic Family News, and part of the reason is that while I think the editor (John Vennari?) is a good man (I’ve heard him speak a few times) they do let some goofballs onto their pages. The Remnant is a far better publication, and shouldn’t be smeered with the same brush. The biggest problem with The Remnant would be the unfortunate Matt family-feud with the Wanderer. Hopefully Summorum Pontificum will begin to errode this.

My opinion, don’t waste your time or money on that trash. The paper is ran by a Fr. Nicholas Gruner, he’s an Independent Catholic priest who’s not in good standing with Rome. These types of papers bash the Vatican and are not good to read. They messed me up for months and I’d say avoid them at all costs. They are propagandists and scare mongers, not to mention they think everything is a giant conspiracy. Subscribe to “This Rock” instead.

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