"The Catholic Guy" radio show... is it orthodox?

I stumbled upon Lino Rulli and his “The Catholic Guy” radio show by way of running across his book “Sinner” (apparently endorsed by Timothy Cardinal Dolan) while searching for Catholic books on Amazon, and am somewhat interested in checking the radio show out. With him not being on EWTN or ever appearing on Catholic Answers Live (to the best of my knowledge), I’m somewhat unsure of his / the show’s orthodoxy.

Does anyone know?

Yes, the show is fine.

But be prepared to be doing a lot of this::rotfl:

Spot on. Listening to the replay of today’s show and as usual, it’s a riot. Coming up, the Lenten Song Parody of the day.

Here is a podcast of a recent Lenten Song Parody:


To the OP, the Cathoic Guy show airs on Sirius Satellite Radio’s The Catholic Channel with a NYC Priest as a co-host and you need a subscription to listen. In addition, Cardnail Dolan has a weekly show on the channel.

LMAO, today’s parody “Nothing But a Good Lent”, a parody of Poison’s “Don’t Need Nothing But a Good Time”.

this the guy with the “Cath math” segment?

It seems to be:

#09-244 (August 2, 2009)

This Week’s Features —

Cath Math — A Natural Death
Marshall’s Moments — Lino at Large News
Catholicism vs. Bruce Springsteen 

#09-243 (July 26, 2009)

This Week’s Features —

Cath Math — Thessalonians
Marshall’s Moments — Lino at Large News
Connect the Dots — Turkey
Breakin’ Down Prayer — Morning Offering 


You can listen to them via iTunes.

I listened to the whole thing and it was hilarious. Thanks! :thumbsup:

I second that one. Nobody said being Catholic couldn’t be fun.

Sometimes we can be a little too uptight, and it’s good to laugh (also: it’s a good abs exercise. Sometimes Lino should advertise his show as doubling as a work-out :p).

No problem. I don’t have a Sirius radio per say, however, I tried their free online/smart phone pass for 7 days and Lino’s show is one of the reasons why I upgraded to a paid subscription.

I’m just curious to get some feedback/opinions from other forum members on this guy. I stumbled upon his blog and subsequently listened to some of his program. I have to say, I don’t like it, and more importantly, I find it to be an insult to Catholic media.

One appalling thing to me is his idolization of Howard Stern. The same Howard Stern who takes advantage of mentally handicapped individuals. The same Howard Stern who features porn stars performing sex acts on live radio and television. He has even appeared on Stern’s SIRIUS station. I can understand having been influenced by someone’s style, but to openly promote an individual as demoralizing and degenerate as Stern is disgusting to me.

Not only this, but the influence really shows through. At one point while listening to his program, I heard him mock and insult someone (calling them a “loser” amongst other things). Catholic guy, indeed. Another show featured a priest stuffing down as many doughnuts as he could and washing them down with wine coolers. Mr. Rulli’s commentary: “This reminds me of when I was 14 and trying to get my hands on any alcohol I could.” What an excellent example for younger listeners!

I don’t expect Mr. Rulli to be perfect. None of us are. But is this really how we want to present our faith to the world? A watered-down, “PG” version of Howard Stern? If he wants to do it, that’s fine, but I don’t think he should be doing what he does under the banner of Catholicism. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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Good grief, are Catholics allowed to have any fun at all? Lino’s show is downright hilarious.

Straight from Lino’s website, an endorsement from the Catholic News Service:

Lino has proved to be popular with young Catholics

Catholic Digest:

Laugh with Lino and discover why he’s so darned popular.

ahh, the Big Boned Tuesday (Phat Tuesday) show, my first time listening to Lino. The priest in question is Fr. Jim, Lino’s co-host. Those two should’ve had their man cards pulled on the spot for drinking wine coolers :wink:

Im with you Prodigalson. I have listened to him on Sirius several times and couldn’t stomach his making fun of people, his defense of of pro abortion politician and his always looking for a girl but being rather critical of those girls on the radio. Maybe I don’t listen enough to know his good side. Im sure he takes his faith seriously, but im not so sure his delivery or his political opinions are helpful. I listen to EWTN instead.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun, but it seems his idea of fun is ridiculing people, especially his fellow Catholics. Seriously, in every segment I have listened to he’s either calling Al Kresta and the rest of EWTN’s lineup “old and boring,” calling someone who disagrees with him “a jerk” and “a loser,” saying he “doesn’t have the stones” (using rather crude anatomical slang in a supposedly faith-based show doesn’t seem very appropriate to me) to say something to his face, etc. The only thing that seems to be Catholic about his show is that he constantly says he’s Catholic, name drops John Paul II and makes sure to point out how much more Catholic he is than other people (“Where were you when John Paul II got sick? Did you fly to Rome to be there?”) I don’t find him funny at all. Steven Wright is funny. Mitch Hedberg was funny. Bill Cosby is funny. Steve Martin is funny. Jerry Seinfeld is funny. Sinbad is funny. Heck, Andy Griffith was funny. Patrick Coffin and Jimmy Akin can even be pretty funny. But Lino Rulli… not funny. Ripping on other Catholics who enjoy discussing their faith… (“These people actually, like, talk about [insert Church-related topic here.] Seriously?”] Not funny. Just mean. All it shows me is that he has nothing worhtwhile to say. Using ridicule to get laughs is the bottom of the barrel as far as comedy goes.

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I second that.

Being Catholic doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. :cool: We’re Catholics, not Calvinists. Next we’ll have threads complaining about dancing and movies and the theatre. :rolleyes:

I don’t think he’s funny at all.

If you want to ignore my point and act like I’m attacking “fun,” fine. The fact of the mattet is I love laughing, dancing, movies, music, games, and anything else most people would consider fun. My problem is that this guy is plain mean and promotes some morally problematic things on his supposedly “Catholic” show. Calling your fellow Catholics losers and making fun of them is not comedy. Openly promoting and supporting absolute trash like The Howard Stern Show on a national religious forum is not appropriate. Please, no more straw man responses.

“Fun” is not a free pass to act in an unchristian manner. Hurling insults and hurtful comments does not become acceptable just because you call it fun.

I love Hedgeberg and Wright. Very witty and dry. I listened to a show about a Catholic who was given a funeral (you know what I mean) and the priest didn’t know the person. Rulli made fun of that, opining a Catholics funeral must have a eulogy. Might seem like a small beef on my part, and my words don’t convey the content, but I didn’t think his jokes about the unknown deceased werent funny. I also disagree about the necessity of a eulogy and a priest who knows you personally. I just pray I gets a funeral Mass! They can call me Tootsie for all I care…God knows who I am.

I guess my skin is too thick because I haven’t heard anything on his show that I would personally find objectionable.

This is my point exactly. Imagine that person’s family was listening. Would they find him making jokes about the funeral funny? Or the people he meets at Catholic parties who he calls “boring”, “uptight” “losers”? If they were listening, would they be amused or hurt? The guy can be a real jerk.

IIRC, the priest in question was Fr. Rob. The casket was already closed and the deceased had a name that could be either female or male and Fr. Rob was given a prepared eulogy and he had to take a stab in the dark as to the sex of the deceased. They BOTH were joking about the awkward situation. I guess my skin is too thick because I was laughing along with them.

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