The Catholic League Refutation of PA Grand Jury Report


Hey all. I highly recommend reading Catholic League president Bill Donohue’s analysis of the Pennsylvania grand jury report. Since I can’t post a link in this post, you’ll have to RUN A SEARCH IN DUCK DUCK GO for “PENNSYLVANIA GRAND JURY REPORT DEBUNKED”.

I took it with a grain of salt, but it does touch on some interesting points. Feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks.

- Pomilui


Anything from that source should be taken with something that approaches a salt lick rather than just a grain.


Here’s the article the OP referenced. Bill Donohue seems more fixated on arguing terminology than accepting what happened was beyond tragic.


I am reading contradictory reports.

The Catholic League says that there is no ongoing crisis and it is a total myth that there is an ongoing crisis. But Church Militant and others disagree.

The Catholic League says that it is a lie to say that this is not a homosexual scandal. But posters on CAF say that homosexuals have been unfairly targeted.

The Catholic League says that No bishop or cardinal in the nation has had a more consistent and courageous record than Donald Wuerl in addressing priestly sexual abuse. But recently faculty from Holy Trinity School in Georgetown protested at a Mass for Catholic schools in Washington, as an act of solidarity against the injustices condoned by Cardinal Wuerl. Church Militant says that Cardinal Wuerl covered up for predatory priests.

Church Militant says that the Pope should resign. But Cardinal Cupich says that they do not like the Pope because he is a Latino.

Some say the testimony of archbishop Vigano is credible while other say it is full of errors.

Who to believe?


The Lord gave you a mind to read, analyze and discern. Praying a lot while you’re doing so also helps.

You do not need someone to sit you down and tell you who to believe. That would be mentally lazy.

It is also often the case that everyone is a little bit right and a little bit wrong.


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