The Catholic Priesthood


This video is awesome. I wanna do that. I have seriously been discerning outside of Seminary/Religious life, for 2 years (or so he said) with the Vocations Director of the Archdiocese of Detroit. I am making my decision in May. I want to serve GODS People, and bring JESUS to them. I love People. People are awesome. Some people find animals fascinating, I find people fascinating. I also see a desire and a need that has to be ministered to. The need and longing for GOD. I want to do that with my life. Sacrificing it for Our LORD, HIS Church, and HIS Flock. I am a sinner like everyone. No doubt. I am scrupulous. No doubt. I have a Fierce love for GOD and HIS People. No doubt. I want the utmost and terrifying honor of saying one day "I am and always will be, through life, death and eternity, a Catholic Priest". Dear LORD, please help me be faithful to this desire. Amen.


very cool video!


I really like it.


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