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I have a hard time hearing of the continuing successes of those promoting homosexual marriage, and the new wave of pro-gay propagandists who claim the Bible does not condemn homosexuality.

What I want to know is why people don’t vote with their beliefs and values in mind. . . on important issues such as abortion, homosexual marriage, cloning and genetic research. There surely are plenty of people who claim to be Christian.


Too many catholics put their politics ahead of their Faith-especially on the issue of abortion.


Too many catholics put their politics ahead of their Faith-especially on the issue of abortion.

One would hope that EVERY Catholic puts their politics ahead of their faith!! St Paul tells us that ‘faith without good works is dead’ and ‘love is the greatest act of faith’.Corrinthians 13: 1-7

John 6 tells us that Christ is the giver of life. Only He can take it back again.

It is the solemn duty of EVERY CHRISTIAN to defend the weak, the poor, those in prison, those without sufficient basic needs. This is the meaning of the Beatitudes as taught by Our Lord. Love for the poor and vulnerable is TRUE religion and the greatest way to worship God. In that sense, politics IS faith!

Additionally, St Paul says ‘faith without good works is dead’!
Further, Pauls tells us that the whole of the Scriptures can be summed up in one word ‘love’ . ‘He who loves his neighbour has met every aspect of the law’. ‘love your neighbour as much as you love yourself’ Romans 12:9

History reveals how evil the forces of satan are, the Holocaust being a case-in point. But the evil of abortion goes one step further: it attacks the most vulnerable and it promotes the view that ‘life’ is not sacrosanct. It promotes a cultural value that ‘life is expendable’! That the most vulnerable, are the most expendable.

It is enough surely to kill another person. Willful murder according to the bible is one of the most serious sins, which ‘cries out to Heaven for vengeance’. I

n this case, the innocent are not merely deemed expendable and killed, but it is done so, in unimaginable torture. Medicine tells us that the unborn baby feels pain. How would you feel if you were killed by having your limbs ripped apart and then being disembowled while you were still alive?

Socail Justice IS politics. The Lord gave all authority to His Church. She is using that in the defence of the weak, vulnerable, poor and oppressed… That is her duty and command from her Master. We know from the Scriptures that children were especially valued by the Lord.

Paul speaks about the evil of idolatory. Abortion is the greatest act of Idolatory.

May I ask a question? If you are on your way to church to worship God and you see a fellow human being in need, do you proceed to church or do you miss church to go to his aid?
Catholics would more likely do the latter. That is the teachings of Jesus Christ, the prophets and the whole of the law.:thumbsup:


Catholics on a whole are an embarasssment with their voting record, that’s a fact. It’s a desperate situation and honestly I have no idea what to do about it.


When I saw CA had a Voting Guide on it’s site I downloaded a copy, not really sure what to expect.

True, I knew it would be aimed at American politics. But I thought I might be able to use it when voting here in Australia.

I cannot explain the way it has opened my eyes to how I should be voting.

I am 36 now, and have been enrolled to vote since I was 18, our legal age to vote.

I have always voted in 2 ways.
a) the way my parents voted
b) for the candidate who seemed the nicest

I had never taken any notice about the policies each political party here has regarding abortion, cloning, stem cell research, and gay marriages.

But look out next time we have a Federal election here.
I will be asking my candidates their views on these matters, and voting the way Jesus would.



Your following explanation aside, this statement is incorrect. A person’s faith should determine their politics - not the other way around. For example, if a person were pro-choice and Catholic, to put their politics ahead of their Faith would be to betray the Faith necessarily by that measure - though I understand what you are trying to say.

Actually it was St. James who said that. :wink:


I vote my faith. I am a Roman Catholic and I will not support anyone running for office who supports something that the church condemns.

It is high time that we all got together and put some moral people in office. There are loads of people out there that are out to put people that are against the church in office.


And, sadly, some of them proport to be Catholics.


Good for you. But don’t feel bad, many folks vote the way you said you did. It would be so nice if more folks would know more about those they vote for. It also helps to know how the politicians have voted in the past. Too many people believe only what the politicians tell them right before the election.


No question on that…Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and many others. This is the problem with the Catholic Church in America…we just take the parts of the faith that we like and leave the parts that we do not. I personally think that this is something that we need to get hard on as a Church. Here are just a few examples:

I think you should be denied communion if you offer public support for:

abortion, gay marriage, embrionic stem cell research, or any of the other social liberal agenda items. The bottom line is that these things are against the will of the church.

I think that it is time that the Church and the people in the Church stood up to the nominal Catholics and to any people that promote this agenda of hate.


Would Jesus have voted for Bush?


How do you make the leap from gay marriage to agenda of hate? I can understand you being against it as a catholic. But where’s the hate agenda there? And are you saying that all “social liberal agenda” items are part of that agenda? Such as health care reform?


Nice twist! Good job.

Ok, first, I do not consider the gay agenda to be one of hate…I just think that it is totally wrong and against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

As to the rest of the liberal agenda, I will not support any administration that is pro-abortion, stem cell research, or gay marriage. Sorry, but the church I belong to teaches that these things are wrong.

Now, if in another forum you would like to debate healthcare…I am SO up for that one. Cheers!


I will be voting split ticket this time. The thing that bothers me is that regardless of whatever stripe of politician that we elect - most of the social liberal agenda that has become outrage has come from Judicial decisions and not from our elected representatives.


Just keep in mind that the political decisions that you make have a great impact on the construction of the courts.


[quote="kellie]But look out next time we have a Federal election here. I will be asking my candidates their views on these matters, and voting the way Jesus would.

Jesus, being the King of Kings, would not vote for anyone, imo of course.


I have no idea how Jesus would vote, but I have a hard time thinking that he would wave the flag for a John Kerry…pro-abortion, pro-stem cell, pro-gay marriage.

I really have a hard time with that one.

Yet, and I think I am safe in saying this, I doubt that Jesus would be thrilled with any of our political options.


When I determine which canidate to vote for the first thing I look up is what their position is on abortion…that usually narrows the playing field greatly. After that, I guess I look for the next 3 hot issues in this order:
Gay Marriage
Death Penalty

I will not vote anything but prolife. Right now I am sorry to say, a politician I helped campaign, has changed his mind on abortion and is now listing himself as pro-choice. I had to tell him I can no longer vote for him or help his campaign in any way.



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