The Catholic schools use Scholastic Book Fairs that distributes homosexual (starting at preschool) and transgender books (starting at middle school)

The Catholic schools use Scholastic Book Fairs that distributes homosexual (starting at preschool) and transgender books (starting at middle school). Christian Book Fair aka Catholic Book Fair is a 501c3 non-profit to help provide Christian inspired books to children as an alternative to secular book fairs. The libraries also use the book fairs to build up their book selection and raise money to expand their library and media. Can you help the organization so that they can continue that good work?

Below is a small selection…there are many additional titles provided by scholastics also…for example lower schools also provide books such as 1) Families, Families, Families 2) Captain Underpants and 3) The Family Book… those are a few.


I think if they do that then they should not use the word “Catholic” to describe themselves.


They may not know. scholastic hasn’t always been transparent with the books they offer, like no “sensitive content” labels.
It’s almost as if they want to bypass the parents altogether in teaching sex ed.


Scholastic has been compromised. Parents need to know what’s going on.


Parents should definitely pay attention to the books and magazines etc. that are avaiable for children and teens…

There’s absolutely NO way that these materials should be provided to ANY child, whether in a private or public school. (Keeping in mind that Catholic school parents are ALSO taxpayers).


Could you tell the parents about this or show the school what they are offering their students at a book fair?


This is an example of why we need to continue to promote and defend homeschooling.

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Does Ignatius Press or any of the other major Catholic publishers hold similar book fairs? Sad that Catholic schools are inundated with secular books for fundraising. Now they have to weasel in these other inappropriate topics.


Christian Book Fair is the only live book fair available in the area and it is the only one that works as a nonprofit such that 100% of the profit go to the school to raise funds for libraries media and literary programs.


I would love to be able to tell more parents!

Sometimes I talk to school teachers to let them know so they can try to get the books out of the book fair before any kids find them.

I talk to the librarians but they sometimes defend the books…sometimes even at the Catholic school libraries.

I have an undergraduate BS degree in Genetics and Master of Science in Biochemistry so I have read and understand the studies that show how important environment is to sexuality.

It’s so hard to find people who are passionate about helping though.

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None of this garbage in my classroom. And the kids are learning God’s revealed truth about the body and its true purpose.


My kids’ Catholic k-8 school has scholastic book fairs, but the kids only have access to books that are physically there at the fair and none of them are on those subjects, plus there are a couple of tables of Christian material offered. Maybe it helps that our scholastic rep is also Catholic, raising children herself in our area, but I also know that our librarian must screen the contents and approve them as well. I know that all of the parents would go straight to the pastor if such material were offered to our children. They must offer that material for the “progressive secular” school districts that are scattered throughout the country.

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Even if your librarian catches every book…

  1. do you expect every other librarian to screen every book (don’t be surprised if they don’t)
  2. do you expect that no parent or child ever go online to find books from scholastics?
  3. are you ok that your money goes to support a company that distributes homosexual and transgender books pre-K and up?
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My wife who is a librarian has gone toe to toe with her priest over censorship. In fact banned book week which is coming up at the end of the month is her favorite week at work.


God bless her for doing something.

I have a huge heart for literacy and understand that it is hard to see the schools have no book fairs…that is why I volunteer with the Christian Book Fair aka Catholic Book Fair so that the schools will have an alternative. If she is interested in helping, please let her know about the Christian Book Fair.

Talking to the librarians in most areas has not helped. I have talked to priests too and they seem interested but I have not seen any go toe to toe with their librarians.

I was homeschooled. It’s very easy to do badly, and shouldn’t be looked at as a shield from “tHe GaY aGeNdA” or whatever. Gay and trans people exist, they should be able to exist openly and in peace, and there’s nothing wrong with letting children know that. Some children are gonna be gay or trans people themselves, and they deserve to live in a world where they’re acknowledged and accepted.


A Catholic school can provide whatever resources it deems appropriate and should do so.
That should include censoring book lists. To say otherwise is naive. We all censor out what we deem inappropriate right down to our own bookshelves and what we provide out own children.
Why should a Catholic school be any different?


It’s close to being time to bring back mass book burnings and censorship.

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What’s objectionable about Captain Underpants? Isn’t it just a childish version of a superhero story in which the superhero wears his underpants as outerwear?

I’d never heard of these before, but I looked them up. It seems that they are books that explain to children that there are lots of different kinds of families. Isn’t that a good thing? When I was growing up there was an expectation that a family meant a man and a woman who were married to each other and had children together. But the reality, even when I was a child, was that there were families where the adult or adults in the family were a single mother, an intentionally single mother, a single father, an unmarried father and mother, a mother and her female partner (who perhaps raised their respective children together as siblings), etc. There were also families, especially from some black and other minority ethnic cultures, where children were brought up by an aunt/uncle or grandparents. There were also families where younger children were brought up by older siblings without parents. If children don’t know that all these different kinds of families exist, they find it confusing and the children can feel stigmatised and can be at risk of bullying because their family isn’t like other families. Personally, I wish that when I was growing up there had been books like this so that children would not have been surprised to discover families that were not like their own and would not have bullied other children for decisions that their parents made.


Because that’s always produced great results throughout history :roll_eyes:

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