The Catholic schools use Scholastic Book Fairs that distributes homosexual (starting at preschool) and transgender books (starting at middle school)

I don’t think Scholastic Books is a Catholic organization per se, though.

The concerns in these books are well known. Captain Underpants book reveals a gay marraige that is against the teaching of the Catholic Church.

Families, Families, Families is a preschool book that I found in a Scholastic book fair with my children that showed same sex animal couples have babies together. For example, two male pigs have a baby together. That is against natural science. Children should not learn at school that two men can have a baby together. It also depicts women animals having babies together. The fact that the book would not acknowledge the mother’s role in having the baby or the father’s role in having the baby is degrading to mothers, fathers and the intelligence of children.

Coming from a divorced family and being a single mother it is even MORE important to me that my children understand what God intends for families. These lower level and preschool books listed do not teach the family structure or nature of creation as intended by God.


Which of the two books?

I looked at the excerpts of the two books and they did not have only families with same-sex (animal) couples. Each one had an example of a small family/family with only one child.

You did not read the book…I read the book. The pages I saw when I looked through the book at a book fair were only same sex couples that had a baby together.

I don’t have to.

I conceded that each of the books had a same-sex couple. I took your word for it.

Families, families, families was a book filled with same sex couples having a baby together. That is against natural science and should not be provided to children. Teach children in the way of the Lord and when they are older they will not stray. Proverbs 22:6. As parents and educators we need to give children a good start. False information about how families are created is not a good start.

“The family book” I did not read but the reviews clearly indicate to preschoolers that it supports same sex couples who have children together. Again, false teaching of natural science.

Most Christian organizations that discuss homosexual and transgender topics do not start until high school because the topic is very heavy with sin.

I had no idea about Captain Underpants. I’m very much out of the loop with regard to what children read these days. I’m old enough that I was brought up on Enid Blyton!

As for the other books, I assume that it is not implied that two males or two females were actually capable of biologically reproducing with each other. I mean, I assume that they do not describe the mechanics of how the sperm fertilises the egg. I honestly imagine that children of that age will just think it’s a cute story about Henry and Horace the hippos and how they live with their baby daughter Harriet the hippo or whatever. I should see if my local children’s library has a copy and have a browse for myself. Seriously, though, I am sure that children just like the story and on an almost subconscious level it prepares them for the reality that there are all different kinds of families in the world. It has 4.9/5 on the UK Amazon, 4.7/5 on the US Amazon, and 4.22/5 on Good Reads. People seem to like it.


Anyone with experience raising children would know that children easily accept falsehood…tooth fairy, Santa clause, Easter bunny…I knew a kid who thought he could fly if he put on a cape…God have mercy.

Children accept all that their family and teachers give them…If you tell children that two males can have a baby then they will accept it as truth. That is why it is soooo important what parents and educators expose children to.

To trivialize the exposure of sinful ways to children is cruel to those who become victums of child castration and other sinful acts into adulthood. It is better to be on the safe side.

The rating of the book just goes to show that people are happy to accept sinful lifestyles…you are just helping to make my point of the issue…The Satanic Bible on Amazon has a rating of 4.6/5.

p.s. as a side note, as a parent I let my kids read books about fairies and other fantasy but I do under the guidance of a parents love and tell them honestly that there are not real and just pretend.


My family never liked Captain Underpants anyways. Too much potty humor.

Yeah, I think therein lies the value of books such as these. Part of a good education is demonstrating the differences in the world, its strangeness, complexity and messiness. But that nonetheless it’s possible to engage with the world - as it exists - in a way that is Catholic, intelligent and compassionate.

I’ve read the book. Out of the 16 family examples shown and the 11 types of relatives suggested, only two relate to the LGBTIQ+ community (two mothers and two fathers). None of the examples suggest anything about the “naturalness” or “biological reproduction” inherent in the family type shown. Only that they exist and that one might encounter people with that family type.

I think it’s worth pointing out the last page of the book reads “if you love each other, then you are a family”. From my perspective, the book isn’t making some bold moral claim on natural law: it’s simply offering a modicum of comfort for children who’ve been bullied and/or ostracized because their family structure is non-traditional.

Heaven knows that many children can be prone to rather cruel behaviour against other children who may seem even superficially different.


The pages I happened to open to were same sex parents holding an infant together…that depicts unnatural creation to children and supports sinful lifestyles. To children showing parents holding an infant is their first exposure to what reproduction is intended for (at their level of appropriateness).

Some states legalize prostitution…are you going to advocate that career books should include prostitution as a healthy career choice for girls to look forward too? No, and same sex marriage not an acceptable healthy life style for procreation that children can look forward to.

If you want a book that introduces procreation using animals…get a good children’s book about Noah and the Ark for your kids.

Teaching kid to accept sin does not protect them from bullying…teaching them to love and be kind always without promoting sin is a better way.

Yep. I was working at a school this summer and a girl was reading to me from this book she had gotten from the Scholastic bookfair where LGBT content was just snuck into the story, I suppose to normalize it. But I didn’t see it coming. She read aloud to me this part where two boys kissed, and this other kid went, “Boys can’t kiss!” And the child responded, “Yes they can. It’s called being gay and there’s nothing wrong with it.”

Now I was working at a public school at the time so it wasn’t my place to get into that with the students, but my point in the end is the Catholic school I went to as a child has Scholastic bookfairs multiple times a year. I’m sure these same books were there this year as well because there was no way to tell LGBT content was going to be on the inside from the cover or synopsis. It was just snuck into the story, but of course grabbed all the kids’ attention when it was read.

The problem here is not everyone in this world in Catholic, and not everyone believes that being gay and having a family is a sin.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to explain that this is the reality and that while we don’t necessarily agree with what others may do or how they live, our only job is to love them?

Much of what you have said in this thread is the knee-jerky kind of reaction I have come to expect from this forum. Sadly, this will not prepare young Catholics for what they will deal with in the real world.
We need honest, age-appropriate discussion, without a lot of rhetoric and judgement, if we are going to raise healthy, happy kids into well adjusted, faithful adults.


Unfortunately there’s a strain of thought in this thread that we should be telling children “no, those two men are not your parents, you cannot love them and accept them as your family for it is sinful”.

I think Calvinism is false too: doubtless I should be telling children that they cannot love their Calvinist parents and call them family for it would be embracing false teachings and delving into sin.


The problem I think you might be facing is that this topic is discussing Book Fairs in Catholic schools and not all book fairs in this world…perhaps it was just a knee -jerk reaction though.

Children have been able to survive in the real work for 1000’s of years without homosexual or transgender books…I think they will make it now, by God’s grace. I did.

Preschool & Elementary school is not an age appropriate discussion. Most Christian programs start discussion of homosexual and transgender issues in high school. And the reality is that it is a sinful lifestyle…that is not what the book portrays.


And for years gay and transgendered people were discriminated against, refused jobs, healthcare and a plethora of other services.

These things have always been part of the human condition, they are just now not as stigmatised, which is a good thing. We can still love and support people even if we don’t necessarily agree with them.

The reality that it is sinful is a Christian ideal, not a human one. This world is filled with all sorts of people and children need to know that and learn how to react and respond, as loving Christians, to those who are different.


I think the issue is that the lifestyle is sinful…not that the loving people is an issue. Again it is important to remember that parents and teachers can teach to love and be kind without supporting a sinful lifestyle.

Again it is important to remember that parents and teachers can teach to love and be kind without supporting a sinful lifestyle…you don’t have to accept the sin to teach not to discriminate people…that is very important…for it is a better way to teach.

So same sex sexual relationships would be a sin on multiple levels…1) Immoral sexual acts and 2) Sex outside of marraige. I don’t discriminate sinful sexual acts… I don’t support providing to children books about immoral sexual life styles of heterosexuals either.


The way you choose have intimate sexual relations is a lifestyle…any immoral sexual act is sinful.


We are not talking about “being gay”…you are clearly off topic…possibly some knee-jerk reaction to the topic.

As mentioned previously… I don’t support providing to children books about immoral sexual life styles of heterosexuals either.

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