The Catholic 'spy’ among America’s early settlers

Historians are re-evaluating the role of religion in the first permanent English settlement in America after discovering the remains of four of its early leaders buried alongside a sacred Catholic relic.

In what has been described as an “extraordinary” find graves were located under what was the floor of America’s first Protestant church in Jamestown, Virginia, where Pocahontas famously married the English colonist John Rolfe.

Well, aren’t all of us Catholics technically spies for the Papacy? That’s why the Masons won’t accept our membership applications.


The Freemasons will accept membership of Catholics. Why not?

It was a joke.

But Catholics who join the Freemasons are excommunicated by that very act, so that is something to consider.


Thank you for clarifying that! Catholics are not supposed to join the Freemasons.

I was surprised to read that Danny Thomas, the Founder of St. Jude’s and a Catholic was a Freemason. :eek:

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