“The Catholic traditional book” and the rosary

Hello! I saw someone and my parish with a little blue book that has the title “the Catholic traditional” and it looked like a little prayer book. I tried to find it online but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was hoping someone knew on here what I was talking about.
Also I don’t know if this a specific “traditional” thing or what but sometimes I see people pray different prayers and the end of the rosary, of course the usual “Hail Holy Queen” but then they usually add the Saint Micheal prayer, and like a litany of sort that says “Saint John pray for us…Saint X pray for us” I wanted to incorporate these prayers into my daily rosary but I wasn’t sure what all the prayers were. I was hoping to see if I could find it on the internet but I couldn’t. I heard them saying this before a traditional mass I went to. If you need me to be more specific let me know, thank you :slight_smile:

Could it be these:



No it wasn’t any of those, it looked similar to the middle one but just said “The Catholic traditional” on the front, but have you read the last one? I’m wondering if it has the prayers in it that I was looking for. Thank you for looking.






We got this in RCIA - a collection of prayers every Catholic should use. Love it.
$2.00 per copy


May be this one? -> Traditional Catholic Prayers

Just so you know, different Rosary groups often say slightly different ending prayers at the end of the Rosary. The prayer that you mention that goes “So and so, pray for us” is called a Litany. There are several different traditional litanies, such as the Litany of Loreto (the one with many names for the Blessed Mother) and the Litany of the Saints, but traditional litanies are quite long and often if it’s a parish rosary group the leader will just make up a very short litany at the end that includes a few major saints and the patron saint of the parish. So you might not find that exact prayer in a book.

I would suggest if you want a particular book you wait till you see the person again who uses the one you mention and ask them about it, because there are dozens of little blue Catholic traditional prayer books out there. The prayer books I see often include “The Catholic Devotional” pictured above, and also “The Pieta Prayer Book” also pictured above.

Oops! I read the book wrong, that’s what I get for looking over someone’s shoulder during mass :slight_smile:


That (The Catholic Devotional) is probably the best book for a beginner. I do not recommend the Pieta Prayer Book to anyone just starting out. It is fine for “advanced Catholics”.

How many mysteries in their Rosary?

  1. Four? Good.
  2. Three? Problem - potentially.

EDIT: Pope Saint Pius X is an absolutely wonderful, humble servant of God. However, certain invocations of his name in recent times have perverted his true stature and nature and he is often (mis)cited by those who reject Vatican II - those who desire to put hand to plow while looking back.

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