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I’d like to use this opportunity to introduce my blog: The Catholic Worship Blog

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The goal of the blog is rediscover the heart of worship in the Catholic Church through discussion and encouragement.

The blog features:
Articles on Worship
Instructional Videos for Music Ministers
Gear Reviews
Interviews with Theologians and Music Ministers
and more!

The purpose of the blog is to discern that Worship in the Church is not “Traditional” or “Contemporary”, “Charismatic” or “Contemplative” - it’s all of this and more! It’s Catholic. Please join our community and help us rediscover worship in the Church. God bless!

Re: Missa Simplex Arrangement
This is might be too late, but this chant collection is actually known as Jubilate Deo. There’s another somewhat known setting called Missa Simplex, so you might want to change the name of these files and the post…

One more thing: on the final repetition of the Kyrie, you should actually sing “son” for the final 6 notes. There’s also syllable issues with the “Christe.” Here’s a correct recording.

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