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If you can spare nine minutes, treat your eyes and your heart to this beautiful NEW trailer for the documentary series presenting the true story of Christianity and the Catholic faith, by Father Robert Barron.


Thank you.May our Lord Jesus be with you,Rocky.

im in australia how can i get my hands on this series?

I believe Fr. Barron has completed the series, since he is in negotiations with major US tv networks to present it later in 2011. I know that he wants it to have a world-wide distribution. He hasn’t said which networks he’s working with, but of course I hope it’s EWTN. As I receive updates, I’ll put the links up here, so you’ll know what’s next.

God bless.

It is lovely! If you sign up on the website after the trailer, you can get updates about availablity of the movie. What a gem. God bless Father Barron and his work.

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