The CC and the Moonies

Does the CC have anything to say about the Moonies?

The way I’ve understood it is that they’re just another cult like the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses right? :shrug:

I ask because a whole lot of Moonies are getting married by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon

I hope the moderators will permit my answer if they permitted the question, which pertains to essentially ecumenical issues. Many prominent Catholic groups, including American Life League, are indifferent or ambivalent to the Moonies because they publish the Washington Times newspaper and put up a “pro-life” front. If your gig is pro-life and saving unborn babies, you’re not going to be too critical of pro-life assistance, even if it’s from people who make a mockery of marriage and who believe Jesus was a failure (which is a tenet of faith for the Unification Church.)

The only reason Catholics don’t care about the Moonies is because the Moonies claim to be “pro-life” and they publish the Washington Times, so why pick on them? That’s the rationale. And, again, I hope the moderator will permit the answer to what you asked.

I think the catholic church addresses what they have historically declared to be heresies, but why should the catholic church address each particular body of various believers out there? The catholic church seems to explain it’s position on all matters anyone can dream of, and that says what they think of contrary thoughts right there if you ask me.
After all, I think the job of the catholic church is not an apologetics one, but more of a salvational one.
The stand on marriages is clearly at odds with these two groups. Unfortunately, I read of some priest I think his name is Millingo? who JPII decided to keep under wraps, even though he Married a moonie. I don’t understand that at all, but I hope I read it wrong.:frowning:

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