The center of my aunt's obsession continued

Hey all. I will just make this post brief, as I have written about this several times before and I am sure you are all familiar with it.

Basically, for those of you who do not know, my aunt lives upstairs from us (we own a double), and she is constantly butting in to our affairs, ESPECIALLY mine. I am almost twenty years old and she still treats me like I am five. Not only is she obsessive that way, she also has an explosive temper, and something as simple as a petty disagreement can set her off. There is no knowing.

Well, I just need a pep talk because I am really frustrated right now. My parents have not done anything or had any talks with her about her behavoir. They just get angry with me when I bring up the subject, and they tell me to “hang on until we move out.” We won’t be moving for three years at least.

My family is having some financial issues, and my father is angry with my mom for something. Well, my aunt is butting in and asking all these questions and telling him how things should go. It’s a mess. And I am really angry that my dad doesn’t even stand up for himself. The thing that is so strange to me, is that my father is very outspoken and will usually stand up for himself and his family. But not in this case.

Please pray for me. My aunt has not stopped her behavior and I still have no privacy.

This is what comes to my mind first. The Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary. Your father may be troubled by your aunt being there. Don’t know I can’t judge but that is what it sounds like from what you are saying. Family is one thing but I know how it is when other family members butt in. This is why the Bible says for when the man leaves his mother and father and marries he clings to his wife and vise versa. The two become one not one and the aunt and uncle and brother and sister and cousin. Family can be the closest friend but can be a lot of hurt when living to gether. (Not talking about mother father and kids.) God Bless and you and your family are in my prayers. Hope it works out!

praying for you and your situation!

The aunt sounds like she has a hold over your parents…could she own a share of the house without you knowing? Could she have loaned your parents money? It would explain why nobody stops her behaviour

You are very right. She does not own a share of the house, but when we were going through some serious financial issues, she loaned us quite a bit of money. My father has even admitted that he feels like she has a hold on him and my mom.

And Money is the root of all evil. Tell your Father to pray to the Almighty for a release from this bondage. As God is the head of the Church so is your dad head of your family. Not your aunt. Your Mother is the heart of your family, not your aunt. And you and any siblings you may have is the body of the Family not your aunt. As We are the Body of Christ. See how Christ set up Family! As we are made in the image of God so to are we made in the image of a family. We are all one. But that doesn’t give your aunt the right to take over. It is not her, for detest the sin and not the sinner. The Devil would love for nothing more than to separate families. He uses the one’s closest to us sometimes. That doesn’t mean the person is bad just the sin. Woe to those who separate families and the marriages. God Bless! If you wish to talk I will listen. God Bless!

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