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Recently, one of my online friends mentioned that a RC historian (apolagist?) named William La Due wrote a book called “The Chair of Saint Peter: A history of the Papacy”. In the book, La Due discusses all the different types/forms of church government that existed in the early church. He explains the lack of evidence for Peter being the first Pope and how this story developed over time. He shares the historical facts of the “development of the Papacy”. He also has a licentiate in theology from the Gregorian University in Rome, and a doctorate in canon law from the Lateran University. He taught at St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee and Catholic University in Washington, D.C. He is a former priest and was laicized in 1976.

This man is very knowledgeable, and being a former RC theologian, he has strong credentials that stress his views about the papacy. How do you address something as demanding as this? I’m not trying to put anyone on the spot, but is this book just a work of a Liberal theologian, or does it have substance to it?:coffeeread:
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The bold type speaks volumes. Many laicized priests are good, faithful men. Many have a serious axe to grind and avail themselves of every opportunity to do it in public. Several popular books have come out in the past decade or so that testify to this.

That said, I do not believe any Catholic seriously believes that Peter was a triple-tiara-wearing, temporal leader as were later popes. Much sorrowful history went into the consolidation of the Apostolic prerogatives under the Roman umbrella. Yet, to this day, Catholic teaching gives much personal authority to individual bishops. The main point is that they maintain Catholic teachng and discipline in union with the Holy See.


First of all I wouldn’t comment about the book, or its contents, without reading it. The fact he was a former priest should tell you something.

That pretty much answers your question doesn’t it? Was he removed for teaching in error?

Luther was a former priest also, do his flawed opinions hold much truth?


I agree that William La Due may have a serious “axe to grind” with the Church. It would be helpful to see the sources he uses in his book.


They probably do with the OP (check the profile). :slight_smile:


I dunno. Lutherans I have known (for the most part) have a much smaller axe to grind than ex-Catholic priests, or even ex-Catholics. Many Lutherans (like many Anglicans) are looking for ways to be “more” Catholic without having actually to BE Catholic.

Guess where they end up? See my profile. I graduated from an Episcopal seminary.


you should read Upon this Rock, by Mark Shea

I think any questions about the Primacy of Peter will be well answered.


ok actually its Upon this Rock, by Steve Ray, sorry.


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