The Chaplet i f Divine Mercy

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I love, love, love both versions of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy that I’ve seen on EWTN!

It seems tho, that I see the one with 6 people leading it, on the USA’s stream. While I live this one, I also heard another version on one or two of the other streams. That version has 3 people leading that one.

I’ve already bought the one with 6 people but am not sure where to find the other one (I love the voices and the music for the secind one). Can someine help me out?

I think you’re thinking of The Chaplet of Divine Mercy In Song featuring Trish Short, Michael Bethea, Crystal Yates. Check here:

Don’t forget to stop by YouTube and check out Michael Bethea singing, “I Am A Voice” and “I Will Forgive.” Powerful music!

Thank you so much for the link. This one is very beautiful as the voices are so harmonious together. Yhsnksand Hif bless you!

Were you able to find the video(s) on YouTube? If not, here you go:

Not yet. I’ll look them up tomorrow. I’m suppised to be sleeping right now. …I’m worsevthan a little kid when it’s time to go to bed.

ThNks fir the other links. I’ll check them out in the morning.


This version was playing one day when I was half asleep, and the peace it brought to me by the three people singing it was just an awesome expeirence.

Needless to say, it’s my favorite version.

God bless

jesus g

I love both of them but I’ve really fallen in live with this one especially. The voices blend so well and it does bring peace to the soul.

I am looking for it on Itunes…I do not know which version is it?

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