The Chaplet of St. Michael

Does anyone here pray the Chaplet of St. Michael? How do you pray it?

Choliks, I bought one quite a few years ago. The little instruction paper I got with it has you saying one Our Father and three Hail Mary’s for each of the nine salutations to the angels. At the end, a prayer to St. Michael.

Is this what you wanted to know?

Here is a web site with the instructions:

I pray it every day.

Here is a YouTube of the 7:00 am daily (USA) EWTN chaplet beautifully prayed by Mother Angelica.

The glorious Chaplet of Saint Michael.

It’s never been more needed. I understand it is very powerful as well. God bless you for praying it daily. I should too.

Yes, Lormar. I wanted to include it in my daily prayers. I’ve been praying the rosary daily either on my way to or from work. I was hoping I could pray St. Michael’s chaplet in the morning, and the rosary in the afternoon.

I’ve also started learning to pray the rosary in Latin. It’s quite helpful since now I’m trying to savor every word, as before it was becoming rote.

I prayed t daily with Mother Angelica (EWTN @ 5:00am) until my children were born. Now I try to pray it at least weekly.

I do pray it, but not nearly as consistent as I should.

It’s a beautiful prayer.

You have inspired me, Choliks, to start praying the Chaplet as well.

I used to pray the Rosary going to and coming home from work as well while listening to gregorian chant. That was back in the day of cassette tapes. Back in the Dark Ages. :smiley:

Yes I pray it sometimes.

You can get a special Rosary for it too.

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