The cheering crowds in Trump's big Super Bowl ad were forced to be there

Wait. Does this mean Ali Landry may not have actually enjoyed Doritos as much as was intimated in the famous 1998 Super Bowl ad?

and LOL at the word “forced.” Mother Jones must be irate Budweiser forced those clydesdales to kick footballs a few years ago…

More irrelevant garbage from Mother Jones. thanks for sharing.

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What really matters is I don’t think the crowds are forced to show up at his rallies and many get turned away. They are voters in the 2020 election.

Meanwhile Joe Biden has trouble filling up a living room or a coffee shop.


Exactly! Polls that are quoted here regularly don’t accurately reflect President Trump’s popularity,rallies speak more to the fact that he is supported and appreciated👍


The 7-Eleven’s are packed for his appearances, though.

Let’s see. These workers work in a petrochemical plant operated by Shell in Pennsylvania. Sounds petroleum-dependent to me. Trump supported petroleum development. The left doesn’t. And the ordinary workers there get $700/day in wages. Some get more.

And we’re supposed to think they wouldn’t be supportive of Trump if they werent’ paid a day’s wage to show up? Maybe they resented him all the way to the bank?

Is this all supposed to be Trump’s “fault?” Pretty sure it was not him “forcing” them to be there.


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