"The Chew" to be replaced by third hour of "Good Morning America"



There was a talk show about cooking on a major network? It sounds like a tool used to torture people during the middle ages.



You’re actually not far off.




To be honest, I can’t say that I’ll be missing The Chew too much. However, my mother has been a fan of the show.


Although I like cooking shows, I never warmed to ‘The Chew’ - there was a feeling of mandatory cheerfulness and relentless bonhomie among the hosts that I found oppressive and phony.


Well, tomarin, it doesn’t help matters that Mario Batali was eventually booted from the show amid sexual-misconduct allegations.


Yeah, the other hosts couldn’t carry the weight at that point. (Thanks, I’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitresses.)



“Pine Valley isn’t exactly the corner of Hollywood and Vine.” - Erica Kane

“Life goes on, and I’m moving on to the next thing, but I hope the soaps that are still running will thrive. They have millions of loyal viewers.” - Susan Lucci


Fascinating. One random show is replaced by another. :roll_eyes:


i saw snippets of the show while channel
surfing and i didn’t care for it, but i am not into cooking shows. i definitely didn’t find anything likeable about the people on the show. rather boring.


What a tragedy!


I enjoyed the show. There wasn’t any politics, nastiness, nudity or vulgarity. As someone who has to cook week after week (what a chore that is, year after year) to have chefs talk about Thanksgiving and meal options, and Christmas, and lightening up in the New Year, etc, It was very helpful! I probably saved some lives by purchasing their digital thermometer that will beep for you when the temp has been reached without opening the oven door. Who knew? A lot of us had to learn to cook on our own and who wouldn’t love to have a chef to help you out through the year with the special occasions that come up. And the ordinary daily grind. With some humor. I would wish they stayed on and some other nasty shows were cancelled.
I wish them all the best and I hope they land on their feet in a new direction.


Didn’t care much for the show but it was a welcome distraction from the political tweeting.


What exactly was “The Chew”? Was it like “The View” only with food?

I never watch these shows except for when they’re playing on the waiting room TV at the auto repair place while I’m waiting for them to get done with my car.


Never watched it before but based on your description I didn’t miss much.
If it were America’s Test Kitchen that’s getting cancelled…



Boy!I’m really out of the loop!This is the first I’ve ever heard about this program😳


What’s more fascinating is that Max is actually engaging in one of his threads this time.



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