"The Chew" to be replaced by third hour of "Good Morning America"


It means that he is at least not some bot.


Let me Chew on this for a bit…


There needs to be a CAF badge for posting gifs.


Well, with the increased advertising revenue, I’m sure they could afford it…


How expensive can it be? Just use the circle tool on MS Paint.


For me, “The Chew” was more like “The Talk” rather than “The View”. “The View” with Joy Behar is more like being water boarded.


Never could get past the title. “The Chew”. Ugh…


I agree with you, bluerose. It reminds me of gross, disgusting chewing tobacco, and spitting.


And it’s something current.


True story. I was in the waiting room at dealership while car was getting serviced with my two young daughters. Ellen was on the television, forget who the guest was but a young actress, very animated. They were playing some kind of goofy game. After watching for a few minutes, my 5 year old turns to me and asks, “is this real life, mom?” :joy:


Um, why wasn’t The View axed instead? Also, when was the last time that Kelly Ripa had a daytime soap star as a guest on her show? I wouldn’t be too sad to see Live with Kelly and Ryan go myself. Um, do any CAF members remember the Good Afternoon America fiasco several years back?


That’s probably why ABC got rid of it.


I’m actually thankful that they didn’t replace The Chew with a 2nd hour of The View. That would have been really disastrous (not that Good Morning America is much better)


Um, what if Good Morning America gets hit with a scandal of epic proportions? Remember what happened to Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose late last year?


that would be scandalous! :slight_smile:


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