The Child Abuse of Radical Feminism

Feminism - Why I chose A Bad School For My Child, Diversity Is More Important Than Test Scores

I guess it is a value system.

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The actual article is very interesting. This video, not so much.

It’s actually a series of articles on Medium.

This video mischaracterizes things considerably. First, it gives the impression the article is somehow about “feminism”, which it isn’t. The woman in the video states things like “all feminists are man haters”, which is nonsense. And again, the article isn’t about feminism at all.

The actual article is good. I’m going to go back and read the rest in the series when I have time.

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“Feminism” doesn’t have anything to do with choosing a school for your child, unless you choose some school on the basis of whether it “empowers women”. By that measure, the all-girls Catholic schools of my youth would have been considered “feminist” schools because they marketed themselves very heavily on how they helped girl students to fully realize their goals in life (the implication being that a co-ed school gave the girls short shrift or at least less attention).

I’m also pretty sure that many women who espouse “feminism” would choose the best academic school for their child. I know this because I work with some of them.

Also, “child abuse” because you sent your kid to a diverse school? Come on.


I just read the article as well and can completely understand why someone, feminist or not, would choose a diverse setting for his child’s education.

I’m not understanding what’s controversial about this.

ETA: I just started watching the video and this woman claims that a white child’s ability to “relate to others and get along with others” will be impaired by attending a non-white majority school. I think I can stop watching right there – I now know what this woman is all about.


I realized this actually was an older article so I wonder how her child made out. It is not directly related to women and work but feminists took many stances over the year some on pornography and other issues . .

This particular woman spoke to the issue of diversity and motherhood.

The original movement with Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem addressed many issues.
Gloria Steinem and her statement about housewives and prostitution was never controversial but it should have been.

The article has NOTHING to do with feminism. At all.

You can ramble on about feminism all you want, but the article cited in the video doesn’t have anything to do with feminism.


If that is true why do universities have classes called…

This idea that "Feminism " is very narrow subject does not hold at universities. . I

Women’s studies at Universities has many subject matters . This article alone speak of 63 different classes.

These are the classses most young females take at university. Maybe people on these forums are saying that Feminism is different from Women studies ?

Ohio State - Women and Addiction" A Feminist Perspective
Pennsylvania University - Women and Incarceration
Yale University - Theory and Politics of Sexual Consent
Lafayette College - Single Motherhood
Cornell University - Women in Hip Hop
Harvard University - Leaning In , Hooking Up: Visions of Feminism and Femininity in the 21st Century
University of Virginia - Global Perspectives On Gender And Sport

Could you please tell us what enrolling a child in a culturally diverse school has to do with “radical feminism” and - ???- “child abuse?” I find her ramblings incoherent, and she didn’t build any case - just weird generalizations.


No clue how this thread posts relates to hate on feminist critical theory and women’s studies. This is highly inappropriate to misrepresent feminism, bash it, and then call exposing children to diversity child abuse… I personally find this very hurtful and racist. Think before you post.

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Sarah Corriher looks to be in her 20’s so it is likely that she took classes in Women Studies and that is why she related to Feminism, now it is not the feminism of the 60s but that was different from the feminism of the 29’s when it was about women’s suffrage.

It is not to bash women. It is to ask an honest question? This mother thought she was doing a good thing by enrolling her child in a diverse school which many schools are already but she took an extreme measure and chose a very poor school knowing it was poor academically but she did not perceive that to be a problem.

My son is already very privileged. He’s white, upper-middle class, (cis-) male, and Christian. I don’t doubt that he’ll grow up to be a very privileged man.

OK. But this still doesn’t answer my question.

I changed the topic headline to" radical" although I could be totally wrong on what she is addressing as feminism.

She claims it is a feminist position. Again she looks to be in her 20’s and may have taken courses in women’s studies.

She sees is as child abuse and asks the question, should women/mothers chose for their children potential bad situations even if there is something to be gained.

Karen Strange’s essay claims this.

My son is already very privileged. He’s white, upper-middle class, (cis-) male, and Christian. I don’t doubt that he’ll grow up to be a very privileged man.

OK. The article makes no mention of feminism. Is there something wrong with cultural diversity?

Oh good grief. How?

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Her video is entitled" How Feminists Treat Their Own Children"

No, and there are good schools which are diverse.

She is relating to this Feminist writer, Karen Strange who has written an article about her own kindergarten child and her journey to choosing a school for her son.

I get it. And she references an article that makes no mention of or connection to feminism.

Right. Did Karen do a bad thing? A feminist thing?

Use your own words, not the video pundit’s.

On second thought, never mind. I can’t spend my morning talking in circles . . .

I agree with this video that Feminist writer Karen Strange could have chosen a good diverse school for her son but did not because she does not see a potential problem for her kindergarten son.

My son is already very privileged. He’s white, upper-middle class, (cis-) male, and Christian. I don’t doubt that he’ll grow up to be a very privileged man.

Again Feminist Gloria Steinem had some radical views. She called every housewife a prostitute.

And lets not even get into Radical Feminists Betty Dodson’ who recently passed away. The New York Times did a major article on her, her views on women and sexuality

Ok. So let’s A) not drag “radical feminism” into it unless you or the pundit can make a compelling connection and B) define a “good” school and why it’s “child abuse” not to send one’s kid to one.

This is just an attempt at an uncalled for low-blow towards diversity and feminism.

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