The child needs a name - yesterday preferably

We had a daughter on the 8th. :slight_smile:

Nearly a week later has no first name.
Middle names are sorted:
Concepta Nuala

But we are no closer to a first name at all, we have a shortlist of 3 that we like and we can’t pick between them, so someone really needs to help us.

Mair (My-er)
Elan (E-lan)
Mared (Mar-ed)

I like Elan. :slight_smile:

Of the three on your short list, I prefer Elan. Two others I like are Mirabelle and Fleur. Good luck!

And thanks for the suggestions unfortunatly we have to have a Welsh name :slight_smile:

Of them all I like Elan, very nice sounding.

In as much as Welsh people don’t account for a huge percentage of the users of the forum, it might help if you could provide some extra information on these names. Do they have meanings or a family history for you? Based entirely on how they sound, I think the middle one sounds the prettiest and the most feminine by far. (I’m assuming your baby is a girl.) The first one sounds too much like “Meyer” to me, which is a common last name, and I don’t like last names for little girls’ first names. The last one sounds like “marred”, which isn’t a very nice word.

Elan is very pretty! :stuck_out_tongue:

“Elan” appears in the Cambridge Dictionary as:

a combination of style and energetic confidence, especially in performances or manner. Examples: She dances the role with such elan. Examples: As a prime minister, she had a certain elan.

I like Mared, myself. Mair is also a surname but otherwise it’s my second choice. As Lucy Maud Montgomery said, whatever you choose, make it something that will wear well in the washing and won’t be too light when she’s eighty. :slight_smile:

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Mair - is just the Welsh version of Mary. so is pretty heard around these parts
Elan - is just the name of a river, It is just a name we like
Mared - (is only one r when you pronounce it I have heard it said more Ma-red) Is the Welsh version of Margaret. It is certainly a name you hear around.

None have a family meaning, we did that with Nuala

That is nice about Elan :slight_smile: I believe it is a name of a river in Welsh
I have never heard of Mair as a surname though

Based on the meanings I would go for the first. I think any variation of Mary is a beautiful name to give a child. Totally biased because Mary is a name I’d love to give a little girl.

Mared been the welsh version of Margaret - which I believe means Pearl. A pearl is a beautiful and precious thing, so very apt for a new baby girl. Second Choice.

I wouldn’t even consider Elan. It’s beautiful to the ear, but myself, I couldn’t name a child after a river. I realise you wouldn’t be specifically naming her after the river, but I believe meanings behind names are important. There isn’t any there.

Based on the sound, I skip Mair myself. The reason is that it My-er is the name of a major department store. To my ears it’s akin to naming your child Tesco! (If you don’t have Tesco in Wales, switch it with a big local department store that is in every shopping centre). Not a good name for a child. Since you aren’t Australian though, that isn’t really a concern.

Well, then I would add a vote for Mair as well. You can’t go wrong with a Marian name. Both my first name and my maiden surname are Irish rivers, so I can’t have a problem with river names. I still think it sounds the prettiest of the three.

haha on the Tesco thing, and yes we do, I was at one this morning.
I agree with Mary variant thing but don’t know if it is too much with the Concepta (?)
Why is this so hard.
I think we are leaning towards Mared or Mair today though

I agree that Elan is pretty sounding.
As we have Concepta as a middle name we have the Marian bit covered, I don’t know if it would be too much with that.

I didn’t even think to look at the meanings of your chosen middle name.

With Mary been invoked through Concepta, then by giving her Mared she will have another name saint - and a huge host to choose from. Surely it isn’t possible to give a child too many saints to call on?

I couldn’t find St Mared, but I think using other languages versions of the same name count. Including non-english saints of course.

I also like Elan. Mared is pretty, too, though!

Roll dice. When you realize which side you’re hoping the dice will land on, you’ll know which name you want.

Mair (1-2)
Elan (3-4)
Mared (5-6)

Élan sounds feminine, unique yet easier for society to recognize/pronounce than the other two. Essentially it is up to you but I always cringe when parents give kids outrageous names (not yours…names like ‘rainbow’ or odd spellings like ‘Jaiyecobb’ instead of a simple ‘Jacob’) and they don’t think how this will affect the child in the future. Good luck!

I have a Maire (My-ra)–Irish form of Mary so Mair has my vote. All the names are beautiful though. Hopefully you will eventually be able to use each name!

I think we have picked now, we are going to spend another night but we are 90% sure.
Thankfully pronounciation here wont be an issue

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