The chilling implications of an ancient virus dug up in Siberia: Diseases from the past could once again ravage humanity



I actually think that a new virus, caused by the mutations of several viruses and their eventual crossing of paths, will be the cause of a greater pandemic episode. With all the international travel and various versions of flu this is a strong possibility, and ever bit or more likely than this posted article implicates.

There is also a greater chance of an intentional creation of a lethal virus via scientists messing around with what already exists. They already deal with viral components in genetic engineering and vaccine production, so we are not that far from creating something we have no intention of creating. I have always maintained that messing around with the human genome is not a good idea, same with what is being done in the name of farming and creating hybrids. There is no doubt in my mind that we are really going to blow it one day.


Maybe that’s why Cancer is so predominate now. I know soooo many with it , much more than in the past 50 or so years. God Bless, Memaw


I think you may be very correct, especially since we are discovering viral links to certain kinds of cancer. Then add all the artificial junk added to our foods, food supply and so on, and we have more potential for greater genetic mutation. It all effects us some way, regardless of how aware or unaware we may be of the fact.

Look at how many men and women, children, have gotten ill after 911, how many soldiers have come home with “Gulf War Syndrome” who also land up making their families ill, and what about the early 80’s after Mt St Helens blew-up. We just don’t know all of what is out there that could create a new air born or otherwise easily communicable illness. We just don’t.

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