The Choir BBCAmerica

If anyone gets cable TV there is a new program on BBCAmerica, it’s called The Choir, if you love to watch Glee this might hold you over for the Summer. I watched the first episode and I really enjoyed it. Here is a link

Thank you. I’m at work and although it’s ok to look at stuff on the internet it’s not ok to listen to stuff because we’re all on the phone with customers all day. I’ll check this out at home. The home page says “learn to sing” and I can use all the help I can get. As I get older, my voice isn’t what it used to be.

I hope that you enjoy it, I certainly did. It’s pretty amazing to watch how raw talent can be developed by a wise instructor. Of course, the teacher looks like he’s twelve years but he can sing beautifully.

I hope this is On Demand because it’s so worth the time invested.

I would love to see this show. Since I don’t get the BBC channel on my digital package, maybe I can find it on hulu or someplace online.

Thanks for letting us know it is worth watching. :thumbsup:

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