The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)???

Anyone familiar with The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)???

Yup. I used to be a preacher with the good old C&MA.

Tozer’s works will give you a good background into their theology.

Primarily a network of districts and churches which grew out of two late 19th century evangelical missionary movements which combined. They have more congregations and members in countries outside the US than in the US - the result of their early missionary fervor. Very similar to the Evangelical Free Church and the General Baptist Conference in makeup both of the hierarchy and membership.

We have them in our area. They are very expansionistic in their approach, and don’t mind stealing Christians from other denominations with lots of programs. I went to a memorial service at one once, and basically it was a tasteless power point presention, and then a timeshare like pitch to the mourners that “if they wanted to be in Heaven, like George (the deceased) that they could accept Jesus right now as their personal Lord and Saviour”.

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