The Christian Faith-how I see it

What does it mean to be a Christian? Before I was saved I honestly didnt know or care. But two years ago I was saved but having no church to go to or anyone to teach me how to be a Christian I said Hey I will just go to the big man himself. So I asked God to teach me what it means to be a Christian and teach me he did. A Christian is abundant in love, he sees only out of love, he acts and reacts talks and believes only in love. A true Christian is willing to throw down everything willing to lose literally everything they have and own just to know God.

He seeks God with a hunger and thirst that is never quenched, he has a very greedy heart for God and the love he has for God is unbelievably deep and rich. He then begins to truly cherish and love all ppl as God does, willing to even burn in the very fires of hell for the sake and salvation of just one person. Yes he seeks a dangerous kind of love and faith, because the level of love and faith he seeks may come at a great cost, but he simply doesnt care he wants it all the more.

This is what a true Christian is to me

Does he have a sense of his own sinfulness, his need of redemption and the futility of willpower apart from Grace in regards to sanctification? The definition so far sounds like a social worker… :wink:

Love God, love your neighbor, and bear good fruits out of love of God. Yes I agree with you. God is Love. Enough said :slight_smile:

“You are not far from the Kingdom of God.” Mark 12:34

And just a little frosting for the cake:

“He who believes, and is baptized, will be saved” Mark 16:16

We are mammals, and therefore follow the natural laws of the animal kingdom: the laws which require us to avoid predators/enemies, and to engage in the ‘survival of the fittest’ mindset.

Christians are called to be supernatural in the sense where we rise above the natural laws of the Earth, doing good to even our enemies, which would be suicidal according to natural law, but life-giving according to God.

Being a Christian is not natural, hence why it may be tiring to obey God, especially in modern times. Sin is so ingrained in us that it has become habitual and “natural” in some senses.

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