The "Christian Side Hug"?

I found this video browsing an old thread and it totally baffles me:confused:. Is it legit? (ie Not the concept of hugging sideways obviously ;), but is the video sincere or a parody of Christianity?). I was too dumbfounded to watch critically, but looking at some of there other videos, there is a slight religious theme (with references to youth conferences, etc), and if mischievous or malevolent, is way too subtle for me!

(PS, ignore “Christian Side Hug Part 2”, that is an obvious mockery of the first one, lending credence to the first being sincere, if slightly over the top :p:)

I prefer Pagan front hugs myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this video is legit, though on the fringey end of things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my gosh.

It is a parody. Lighten up.

Absolutely legit. It was held at a Christian Youth Conference whose attendees are more of the fundamental evangelical Christian type. If you read fundamental blogs (or even watch shows such as 19 Kids and Counting) you’ll see that male-to-female hugs are always that shoulder-to-shoulder side hug.

I think they frown on rapping though!

The side hug is a real thing, but I think the video might be a bit tongue-in-cheek!

Considering St. Paul said to greet each other with a holy Kiss, I think the idea of “we should not hug each other” is absurd.

Some people need to relax and use that focus on more important things like prayer or study.

Until people get litigious

There was actually distinctions made of “full frontal hugging” and “side hug”…and what is allowed for youth ministers… I don’t know if it actually went into law, or was just part of some training.

But the video is clearly making fun of it.

I don’t know. Would you really make fun of a fundamentl/evangelical ‘thing’ at a conference FOR fundamental/evangelical youths? That’s where I think this isn’t so much a tongue-in-cheek item but a fun way to teach a preferred opposite-sex encounter.

I could be totally wrong, though!

I dunno about the video itself, but the idea of the side hug for when guys and girls hug each other, especially when it comes to youth, is totally legit.

I have several friends that attended K-12 a very conservative evangelical Christian school and this was actually written into the school rules in the student hand book. I think there was even a picture illustrating the proper hug. You could recieve disciplinary action for breaking that rule.

I can see what the intention is behind it, but I agree it’s a little bit extreme to punish someone who doesn’t follow it to the letter every single time, especially in a situation where something very traumatic has happened to a student or one of their friends.

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