The Church, abortion, life and moral equivocation


A gentleman on the Detroit News political blog posted this:

I plan on answering. Any thoughts before I do?

God bless and Merry Christmas.


The woman is being ‘fired from her job’ - a job that she took with a private Catholic school which has a morals clause in a contract that SHE SIGNED. No one forced her to sign it. No one said to her, “You have to come to work here”. From what I understand from this case, the woman was not raped. She is engaging in a sexual affair outside of marriage that has resulted in a pregnancy. She should be terminated from her job because she violated her contract.

To use language like ‘terminate me’ and equate it with ‘terminate a pregnancy’ is fallacious and offensive to anyone who has ever had to heal from having an abortion. There are thousands of Catholic women who have returned to the arms of the Holy Mother Church after having had abortions, who have - through the love and forgiveness found through the Rachel Project and wonderful organizations like Silent No More - who find her use of the phrase “terminate me” incredibly insensitive. She obviously has no idea what it is like to go through such a situation and for her to equate the violation of a job contract with an abortion is just plain stupid.

How’s that for a thought.


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