The Church Against Hitler - 7 parts on youtube

I thought that it would be good to post this 7 part film about how the Church worked against the evils of Hitler. Nowadays, there is so much hatred against the Church and accusations that Holy Mother Church did nothing during the reign of Hitler that this film is a refreshing antidote to that hate.

Watch the first part of 7 below…

God bless

Nice to share with us…

The Left was in support of Hitler, even before the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. There is a nice documentary called THE SOVIET STORY (funded by the European Parliament) with a great intro on the LEFT and the Nazis (who modeled themselves on Marx and Lenin) and many academics offer commentaries about the phenomenon. Even George Bernard Shaw supported genocide and was in favour of Hitler doing things “right” in getting rid of the weak and the unproductive. So to criticise the Church for not committing suicide by openly fighting Nazis is silly. The Nazis were left wing poster boys in the 30s, until the time they attacked the USSR.

Besides the Church did a lot, especially in Central/Eastern Europe where many priests and nuns were executed by the Nazis.

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