The Church discipline concerning the free-masons

In short, if I or another discovers will full certainty that a Deacon, Priest or Bishop in our local community is a free-mason what do we do? Obviously the Church has clearly opposed masonry since it’s birth in 1717. So what steps or methods do I take to inform the Church that a mason has infiltrated it?

The Church did not formally oppose Freemasonry until 1738. Which is double-four-time for the Church.

So what steps or methods do I take to inform the Church that a mason has infiltrated it?

If someone has proof that a deacon or priest is a Mason, s/he should report this to the deacon or priest’s Bishop or Religious Superior.

However, if it is a Bishop, then I am not sure. As a matter of fact, I posted another question a few hours ago which is relevant this question. IMHO, a Bishop is obedient only to the Pope. Thus, such an affiliation should be reported to the Pope. There are, of course, channels in which that this should be done, which I do not know about (though the term “Papal Nuncio” comes to mind).

Hopefully it goes without saying that this is an extremely serious charge to be leveled against a member of the clergy, and should be brought only if there is supporting evidence. The disruption caused by bringing such a charge (should it prove to be false) could be extremely detrimental to the health of the parish or diocese in question, not to mention the individual.

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Just wondering: what would you consider “full certainty?” What in your thinking would be “proof” sufficient to qualify as “full certainty?”

By full certainty or proof I would mean that if one discovers a collection of evidence such as his free-masonic certificate, pictures of him being a mason, his ring, his ritual clothing or even the testimony if other free-masons. If one can collect this amount of evidence or close to this amount of evidence then I would consider it “proof”.

Though this may sound a tad paranoid (okay, a whole lot paranoid) in this day and age, keep in mind that the Freemasons, as an anti-Catholic organization, could potentially stir up trouble by offering up false testimony to discredit a member of the clergy.

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