The Church Fathers: Help with Finding Materials

Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew some good volumes (individually or, preferably, in a collection) of the ECFs’ writings. I saw Augustine’s *Confessions *the other day, and selective writings from Thomas Acquinas, but I wasn’t sure. Can someone help me out here? I want to read them for myself. They’d need to be in English, of course (though it’d be great to see the original languages alongside of this!).

Documents from Trent, Vatican I and II would also be appreciated! The evolution and development of ideas and theologies are such great things to examine!

Anyway, thanks for the help!

God bless!

You might try looking into St. Justin Martyr’s Apologies for the early Christians.

The series Ancient Christian Writers is quite good.

Where might I find some of these?

I did a quick search and found some here:

Thanks! Do you know if these are in English?

Yes, that’s the whole point of the series.

Ha, ha! Okay! I just wanted to make sure. THANKS SO MUCH! These are really right on the mark.

The Fathers of the Church translation series from Catholic U was also good-- mentioned here:

If you would like a short quotes organized by doctrine siting the orginal eary church father and document you might want to check out these two sites

if you want to look at entire documents writings of early church fathers I suggest catholic site-

the protestant site, this one is very good nobody has done this in cd or internet format. The original books in written format had a scriptural index, this site has the scriptural index built in.

if you do a search in google you can obtain vatican II documents and trent documents

I find this sight to be the most complete, with great search options.
But I have yet to find St. Augustines retractions online, though this sight has a substantial amount of the ANF’s

The internet has almost everything you asked about.
Church Fathers

Vatican Documents

Thomas Aquinas: Summa Theologica


EWTN Library

Newman Reader

Chesterton’s Works on the Web

The Vatican has a good website, so does EWTN. You can find John Henry Cardinal Newman’s and GK Chesterton’s writings online.

Also, this may sound obvious, but did you check the library? I prefer to read real books–not books online. Public libraries usually have a good number of religious books. If you have a large university library near where you live, you have a gold mine. Most libraries have an online card catalogue, so you can see what they have available right from your home.

Also, each book you reads leads to to more books.

The 3 volume set Faith of the Early Fathers by William Jurgens is excellent. It also has a very good topical index in the back.

While the above are good, this is far superier.

Willam Jurgens organizes everything by the fathers of the church down trhough the centuries, so any given doctrine you have to bounce all over the place. The above site organizes everything by doctrine, so each doctrine lists all the church fathers and what each had to say, citing their orginal source documentation. The site is just so much better from a research point of view.

e-Sword has the Ante-Nicene Fathers available for free as a download. It is in English.

The Websites are helpful, but I am mainly looking for books. I think most here will agree: It’s just not the same experience.

Ok. I agree with you about books being better than websites. I did not know you were strictly interested in books, that’s why I gave you that link. Anyway, you can always use the website to copy information for this forum when discussing apologetics, and use the books for personal reading/research. I like the online sources when responding to posts here. It saves me from typing a lot. :smiley:

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