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Thank God for Father Mike!!! Thanks for sharing.


Okay - - I’m left with a few questions:

  1. To oversimplify - - he’s basically on the same page as the Republicans. But be nice to immigrants, help them in some way if you can.

  2. If we as Christians have 2 coats, and we should give our neighbor (who has no coats) one of the coats, shouldn’t we be RUNNING down to Mexico, Central America, etc. to give them our extra:
    video game systems
    personal watercrafts
    food etc.

Why does this only apply to the folks who show up at our border? If we are to take Jesus (and Father Mike who echoes Him) seriously - - should we be all living pretty close to holy poverty?


I do not understand why you felt the need to bring Republicans into his view, that has nothing to do with what he is speaking about. All parties are subject to the laws of our nation.

If we were not a secular nation perhaps…but there is an inherent responsibility to our citizens first who are not all living and believing under the Judeo-Christian ideas of charity…
Also not to mention all the other religions of our country who also believe in charitable works, they cannot give someone else stuff away just because it is “their” belief in this country.
A lot of folks on the secular and agnostic side would take issue with giving their “coat” away.


Point 1-- ha ha – I don’t think I am the first one to bring the political parties into it.
The bishops are usually seen as being on the same side as the Democrats, so I think it’s interesting that he is emphasizing the same things that the Republicans typically do.

Point 2 – I don’t mean the government. I mean individual people. Individual Christians. So agnostics, secular people, etc. I’m not worried about. I mean us, you and me, the rich people in town, the upper middle class, the lower-middle class, most all Americans have Too Much Stuff. We need books about clearing clutter, and living minimally. Why aren’t we getting that stuff to the poor (wherever) who need it, and not waiting until they arrive here (with or without permission to live here). I don’t believe I have heard many priests preach about this “give up a bunch of your stuff and give it to the poor or sell it”. I have heard one good homily on that, but that’s it.

I also personally think there should be a Christian or Catholic movement to move to the bad parts of town, and improve that part of town. All the families could send their kid to the closes Catholic school, or have a homeschool coop, and we could all live in holy poverty. But no one wants to. Because it’s too dangerous, the schools are bad, our kids wouldn’t get into good colleges, etc.


So, when are you moving there and changing things?
I agree, no one wants to. But I also think it is unrealistic to think anyone ever would move their family out of their comfort zone.


help in the ways we can and do what we can when and how we can.


I liked how he made it clear our responsibility wasn’t to push it off on the Govt to buy coats.


Dear Fr.Mike i am Salman Masih form Pakistan. I want leave this country because this country very dangerous for Christians.


No one needs to wait until an immigrant shows up on the border to help those in need within another country. For years (years!) the Catholic Church has been serving aid, education, and health care to underserved countries and is one of the greatest contributors of humanitarian aid…The Catholic Church will make sure it is utilized in the way most needed. Try Catholic Relief Services.


US immigration law has been broken for decades. DW came here the hard way - legally - from El Salvador as the war was beginning and shots were being fired here and there. Yet. she is sick and tired of uncontrolled economic immigration. She sees the US becoming a 3rd world nation - which she escaped. She asks, “Where else can we go?”

As to the children being separated from their parents, a little reality check: those parents either subjected their children to the extreme dangers of crossing the Sonoran desert, to coyotes (two and four legged), drug dealers and burros, child molesters, malnutrition, dehydration and disease, for the sake of a cash job. Or, they had the children here knowing that they could be deported due to their illegal entry.

So, who blames those parents for any part of this? American parents would be prosecuted for doing the same. This has become a political hatchet job by Obama’s Organizing for Action - a radical leftist activist organization whose sole purpose is to oppose the sitting president.

This is unprecedented and is a sad sign of the craven grasp for power that the progressive left is making.

Do we need “guest workers”? Sure! Canada has had such a program for years.

Oh, and Obama deported a record number of illegal immigrants.




I don’t think the law itself is broken, it’s the enforcement of the law.

The underlying issue is that we have far greater demand than supply, so there is a long waiting list. Some chose to ignore our limits and others struggle with the wait period.

The liberal answer is to dramatically increase our quotas to meet demand, open borders. I’m against this because it distorts the labor market and harms our poor the most, who must compete with the influx of low skilled workers willing to work for a lower wage.

The conservative answer under Trump is to enforce our existing laws, to not enable illegal economic migrants. This contains but doesn’t ‘solve’ the problem as demand still exceeds supply. This distortion won’t go away until we are no longer a desirable destination.

We have legal immigration set at a reasonable level, and the process works. Sure it can be fine tuned, but it works. Once we stop enabling illegal immigration, I’d be open to increasing the number of refugees, people that really need our support per church teachings. I remain against large increases in economic migrants because it hurts middle class and poor workers, not the rich.

For an analogy, the US is like the Green Bay packers, a popular team with a 30 yr wait list for season tickets. It’s annoying but they haven’t done anything wrong, they are just real popular. The Tennessee Titans have a very short waitlist, but that’s because they aren’t popular, they are more like a 3rd world country. I’d much rather the US remained like the Packers than became like the Titans.


The media politicizes a human event for profit. They were essentially silent for Obama and are screaming their heads off under Trump. They are a form of mind control.

No thanks!

i have disconnected from the media, and am now happier. Much happier.

The media has diverted our attention from the source of the problem:

Cultural and political corruption in Mexico and Latin America.

From whence are the people coming? Why must they escape their homeland?

That is the source of both the problem and the solution. By the time they reach our borders, it is simply management by crisis.


Oh, and Obama deported a record number of illegal immigrants.

So are Republicans lying when they say Democrats are weak on immigration?


Both sides are lying.

Only one gets a pass.


It’s obviously much more complicated

  • Obama changed how the metrics are reported, which boosted his number. Most of his numbers came from people caught at the border but once you made it “in country” you were more than likely allowed to stay and work illegally. Catch and release was a huge magnet to increasing the number of illegals.

Net, I’d say the democrats claimed to be weak on immigration the past 10 yrs and were true to their word. Certainly Bernie and Hillary made that clear during the campaign.


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