The Church in WWII

What do you make of the claims found on this website?
I am suspicious of what it says, but don’t know much I this topic and have had its claims stuck in the back of my mind for over a week.

Normally these sites tend to build up on a lot of conspiracy theory garbage. Even if this man was a seminary professor doesn’t mean he knows everything about Catholicism.

Somehow I doubt this person was ever a Catholic priest. I think the entire site is a bunch of baloney.

The site seems to be just a tad anti-Catholic so I would take every thing in it with a ton of salt. There is no doubt that some churchmen were swept along in Germany with the early political successes of the Nazi, but there is no proof that the Church condoned the destruction of God’s chosen people, and indeed there are many examples of priests like Max. Kobe who sacrificed their lives in the death camps for the life of another. The Pope himself did much to protect the Jews.
Many can be condemned for the atrocities of the war, but you must remember the Church was despised by Hitler as a force that stood up, where it could, against his diabolic tyranny.

My advice is not to read these sites, they assist the devil in attacking your faith. I find mine so very weak I do not need that sort of rubbish to help that weakness.

I didn’t even bother to read it because I’ve seen it all before. It’s specious bunk. Here’s the link to my blog articles where you can get the facts.

*]Lauds for Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church in WWII
*]Someone Has Lied to You About Our Pope Pius XII
CA has some serious information as well.

*]How Pius XII Protected Jews
*]A Pius Legend
*]The War on Pius XII
*]Hitler’s Mufti
*]Catholic Urban Legends: ‘Hitler’s Pope’

Why are you looking at websites like that?

There are good Catholic websites and there are those which pretend to be Catholic websites. You need to find the right ones.
Evidently there are a lot of bad ones!


That site is alternatively called ‘catholic arrogance . org’ (I’m not making it linkable because I don’t want people to accidentally click it).

What would your instinctive reaction be about the tenor and direction of a website named thusly?

If you’re interested in becoming a Catholic, it would be better to listen to more authoritative sources. Leave such aggressively accusatory sites to stew in their own juices. They’re not authoritative, they’re opinions of people who are, likely as not, angry for their own particular reasons.

Instead concentrate on the good that is within the Catholic faith. For practical expressions of it watch and listen to Pope Francis, who is, in my opinion, the best thing to happen to the Church since the Reformation. He speaks out for the poor, the marginalised, the needy, the sick, the imprisoned, the persecuted. Would he be a member of a Church that didn’t serve the children of God?

The noise of propaganda websites tends to bring headaches rather than clarity to complex questions like these where “it depends what you mean by”, “it depended where you were” and “on the one hand but on the other hand, meanwhile on quite another hand” are both more appropriate approaches and likely discussion outcomes.

I always wonder about people who “claim” to be former priests and that they “taught” at a seminary when you read their bio on their website. But nowhere on the site will they tell you WHERE they served, or what the name of the seminary they “taught” at was.

He falsely claims that “Adolf Hitler was brought up as a very devout Catholic”.
BUT : Hitler was so rebellious that he was kicked out of the Catholic school in sixth grade.

He talks about the Concordat but fails to mention that this did not mean the Church endorsed Hitler’s propaganda and how it was forced into signing that agreement which was basically an understanding between two enemies, Nazism and the Catholic Church.

Nor, did he state all that the Church did to prevent Hitler from coming into power and how the Nazi’s ridiculed the future Pope Pius XII as being a friend of the Jews

A 1937 S.S. cartoon mocking the future Pius XII
as a supporter of Jews and anti-Nazis. The caption
reads: “She’s not too pretty. But she cooks well!”

See links on my pages below that are to a Jewish organization that defends Pope Pius XII, called Pave the Way Foundation.

Pope Pius XII Hero of the Holocaust

Catholic Response to Nazi Oppression and the Concordat


hey thanks – the info was interesting to see from a historical prospective – a life experience - and world view-- that demenstrates that – saying you are a christian or have the holy spirit – dosent mean you actually do-- as most religious people-- “QUOTE” scripture – to demenstrate that they have a relationship with JESUS–
or becasue they go to mass on sunday – or becasue-- they are in a religious c9ommunity

that they are in agreement with–

One man’s opinion is all that it is since he did not present the other side.

Did you read the articles in post #5? That is the other side of the story.

May God be kind to you and give you peace.

Not to mention, he can’t even spell.

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