The Church is holy -- in spite of the scandals. Article affirms why the church is still holy


"The Eucharist is as central to the Church’s life as it was to its founder’s. St. John Paul II spelled out the Church’s origin in the very title of his encyclical Ecclesiae de Eucharistia, The Church of the Eucharist, which begins: ‘The Church draws her life from the Eucharist.’”
This is the first reason the Church is holy: because it began from the heart of Jesus Christ reaching out to give the world his body and blood.

The purpose of the Church is the sanctification of souls. This is true of the Church even though it is made up entirely of sinners (except Mary).

The major “fruits” of the Church are its saints — canonized or not.


People actually need an article to tell them this? Sigh. Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.


God affirms the holiness and sanctity of the church. Not a new article,


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