The Church is Holy not perfect

I was not exactly sure where to put this, but I decided on this forum since so often Non Catholic Christians seem to have a hard time with the lack of perfection of the Church or its leaders in the past (i.e.: middle ages, inquisition, yada yada).

My pastor gave a wonderful homily last week on the feast of St Peter and St Paul, and he discussed this difference between holiness and perfection and how our imperfections magnify God’s mighty power and strength.

I found it a wonderful homily and wanted to share it with others who can hopefully also glean from it.

Go to the link

Listen to the Homily dated 6/29/14

Thank you so much for sharing, Jon!!

Welcome to the Catholic Church Jon S!

It is important to think of saints in the same way. They surely were not perfect. They were holy though.

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