The Church must adapt to culture in China


Matteo Ricci should be the basis for this religious Sinicization in the 21st century because of the Jesuit missionary’s efforts to adapt Christianity to Chinese culture.
Vermander said that Catholic and Protestant evangelization in the 19th century “often lacked cultural sensitivity” and combined the Gospel with elements foreign to it, meaning Western civilization exported not only its faith, but its conflicts.


I think Mateo Ricci was also responsible for enhancing Chinese culture not just through Christianity but by introducing western science as well.

The Sinicization program, after reading the article, seems less to do with Chinese culture and more to do with obeying an authoritarian socialist government.


That’s exactly right.
That’s why it’s very important that the Vatican China deal goes through and we have more people like Ricci in China who know the cultural sensitivities.


The Vatican does not need to make any deal with China that gives the communist government and party control over any aspect of the church. What the Chinese government wants is for the church to be a tool of the state and propagate their propaganda.


I know. That’s why the Vatican needs to make a deal with China ASAP.


“In February, Daniel Mark, chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, wrote in First Things that Sinicization of religion is “a process of manipulating and subduing faith so as to render it compatible with the state’s totalitarian aims.”

Maybe some dissident within the United States might propose a five year Americanization Plan to bring the Catholic Church in America into alignment with secular goals and practices.

Bad news.


Catholic Church has undergone major cultural shifts so who knows when the next shift will be.
What doesn’t change is dogma.
Seems like some people are confusing the two.


Will Sinicization involve accepting the government’s orders to limit families to one or two children? And acceptance of contraception and abortion to prevent larger families?


You don’t know until you can engage.


Is it your belief that the Christian faith must avoid conflict at all costs? If a Christian goes to India and says that burning widows at the stake is wrong is he being culturally insensitive? Overstepping his bounds?


India has made this a criminal act.


And what about before that? I mean in reference to being culturally insensitive to take offense at it based on Christianity. Was that moral colonialism?


It’s not culturally insensitive to say hey it’s wrong to put a burning tyre around a woman and murder her. We don’t , in western culture , burn people at the stake anymore either.


Agree. It wasn’t culturally insensitive to oppose slavery or the Nazis either, though many Christians were completely adapted to both as culturally valid and justified.


I can see lots of black and white thinking here. Jesus was not like that. He always surprises us with creative solutions.


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