The Church of Bey...Beyonce

This is beyond absurd, Beyonce is yet to comment on the church’s activities. It sounds like some fans are desperate to see a famous mortal woman. This is not an attack on the singer, apparently she is not really associated with this in any fashion except the image of their idolatry. Jesus have mercy on their souls, and may the celebrity speak against this.

Part of me wants to laugh at this whole story, but sadly souls are at stake.

I’m pretty sure this is a joke. That whole “have you accepted Beyoncé as your personal Lord and Savior” thing and pasting her head on the Sacred heart image struck me as satire.

At least I hope…

Well, in the United States, all you need to legally start your own “church” is 7 people and the right permits. Also, no joke, there is a Church of Oprah.

YACK!!! :p:p:p

Seriously? Already a church of oprah?
Now a church of bey?

It doesn’t surprise me but I think they are taking their fan worship too far.

I would hate the pressure of ever dissappointing my fans and they realize she is a mere mortal.
She posted a photo the other day without makeup which I thought was brave and honest of her because the makeup and hair stylist do miracles to create her image.

It’s more like the church of Baal.


Rather the Church of Athtart or Astarte (Ashteroth in the Hebrew Bible with vowels from “bosheth,” abomination, to indicate that that word should be substituted when reading), consort of Ba’al, counterpart of the Babylonian Ishtar, or even the Church of Anath, violent consort/sister of Ba’al who has been expunged from the Hebrew bible altogether as perhaps altogether too satanic.

Another alternative would be the church of Athirat or Asherah, wife of the Canaanite goddess El, father of Ba’al or, in the case of idolatrous Hebrews, wife of Yahweh.

Either way, it’s no joke but satanism pure and simple.

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