The Church of Tech


A new power is loose in the world. It is nowhere and yet it’s everywhere. It knows everything about us – our movements, our thoughts, our desires, our fears, our secrets, who our friends are, our financial status, even how well we sleep at night. We tell it things that we would not whisper to another human being. It shapes our politics, stokes our appetites, loosens our tongues, heightens our moral panics, keeps us entertained (and therefore passive). We engage with it 150 times or more every day, and with every moment of contact we add to the unfathomable wealth of its priesthood. And we worship it because we are, somehow, mesmerised by it.


This article shows the absurdity of Martin Luther and Protestantism. Don’t like the blah blah bible church? Just make your own! :roll_eyes:


I bailed on that article when the guy started talking about technology like it was the devil. Technology, all technology ever, is a tool. It can be used for good or for ill just like you can use a hammer to build a house for a poor person or to smash in somebody’s skull, and the hammer manufacturer made his money either way.

I’m currently fascinched by the large Facebook prayer group that Fr. Heilman runs. Now that they have finished his Fatima novena, he is promoting the practice of trying to earn plenary indulgences for the dead in Purgatory. Apparently many Catholics had no idea one could do this for their deceased loved ones or knew how to go about it. The level of joy and enthusiasm from people just finding out they can do this for their deceased parent is nice to see. Sure it is putting money in Zuckerberg’s pocket and I could do without him and his dumb ideas, but the prayers are a good thing. Mr. Negative Guardian Journalist probably isn’t interested in good things like that though.


I think the point of the article is that we have now have a competitive civil religion that incorporates tech as symbol and ritual.


It just seems like the author is way overthinking it in order to fill column inches.

Civil Religion, wha? People like rituals and symbols and ceremonies, that’s why we have them, but everything doesn’t rise to the level of religion. If you hold a gun to my head and tell me to deny Jesus or Catholicism, I hope I would refuse. If you tell me to deny Facebook, sure, no problem!


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