The Church shifts toward tradition

A church’s assertive shift toward tradition
Pope Benedict XVI consolidates sweeping changes, reasserting the spiritual supremacy of the Vatican.
By Robert Marquand | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Rome and Paris
The leader of 1.1 billion Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI, is completing a significant theological shift of the Roman Catholic church – a sweeping change that not only eclipses 40 years of a more moderate and collegial Catholicism, but seeks to reassert the spiritual supremacy of the Vatican and more openly proclaim the authority of the office of pope among all Christians. Some two years after taking the reins, say Protestant and Catholic theologians and religious experts, the Bavarian-born pope is moving swiftly to affirm orthodox doctrines and medieval church rituals that undermine the spirit of Vatican II, a period of modernization in which the church appeared to be rethinking its centuries-long insistence that it had exclusive claims to matters of grace, truth, salvation, and church structure in the Christian world.
Liberal Catholics go so far as to characterize Benedict as leading a counterreformation in the church – in which fervent backers of traditional Catholic identity and faith are favored, even at the expense of popularity. “While Vatican II said that the Holy Spirit was in operation among the people, now we are saying, no, the holy spirit is operating in the bishops. It is an enormous change.” says Frank Flinn, author of the “Encyclopedia of Catholicism.” The “impression [previous Pope] John Paul II gave was to emphasize teaching so that all may be one. But Benedict is turning around and saying to churches, ‘you aren’t all one.’ It is destroying the ecumenical movement.”

I’m guessing that the author is a liberal Catholic? In that case, boo.

I like this little add-on. As if what’s popular has anything to do with the truth.

Woohooo goodbye ecumencisim and good ridence :thumbsup:

It seems that as Pope, Father Ratzinger will do what he promised to do at the Vatican II Council.

Rhine flows into the Tiber page 285, “Father Ratzinger, the personal theologian of Cardinal Frings and former student of Father Rahner, had seemed to give an almost unquestioning support to the views of his former teacher during the Council. But as it was drawing to a close, he admitted that he disagreed on various points, and said he would begin to assert himself more after the Council was over.”

…or the devil.

Originally Posted by stmaria
even at the expense of popularity.

Nothing to do with the truth in more ways than one. “What’s popular” drove millions of holy, devout souls away from the Church, lost the Church countless priests and religious (those never joined as well as those who left their vocations), and has resulted in the closing of Catholic schools and churches.

What’s left after “what’s popular”?

Pope Benedict XVI’s way is better!

look at me, I don’t like the MP or the restating of long standing Catholic Truth, so I will whine about it and publish it to further drag the lost and confused away from the Truth.

“but seeks to reassert the spiritual supremacy of the Vatican and more openly proclaim the authority of the office of pope among all Christians.”

Ahh, so the root of the problem is that he OPENLY proclaims the office of the Pope.

I presume the author would rather us SILENTLY proclaim it???

It’s a fac, that’s what the Church teaches. Is eccumenicalism brought about by hiding facts?

The writer obviously isn’t in the No Spin Zone with this article.:slight_smile:

I am thrilled with what the Pope is doing. I have long felt that
things had gotten too casual and that the level of reverence that
should be present at Mass had declined.

The Church is doing nothing of the kind. Apart from what some shrill writers who quoted “perfidious Jews” and said it was “back” (not true, BTW, that had been knocked out of the Mass before the 1962 Missal) and some hopeful traditionalists think, the changes will not be felt enough for it to be any kind of directional shift. The so called Novus Ordo is still the customary celebration.

My prediction. If these forums are around in five years, look it up and see what has happened.


…I am still waiting to see the problem.

Dont get me wrong, JPII was a charismatic leader, but like [edited by Moderator] Mother Teresa [edited by Moderator] they didnt see fit to seperate Christianity from other religions, an example being JPII’s “inter faith prayer services.”

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