The Churches of Babylon

When ancient prophecy is ultimately fulfilled and the walls of Babylon come tumbling down, will the remnants of your church and mine be found amidst the rubble? None of us like to think so. On the other hand nearly all Christians believe there are other churches out there with false teachings based on the values of human civilization rather than the Bible. It’s not bad to think that way if you keep it in perspective and remain civil. Churches don’t all teach the same doctrine so disagreement is unavoidable in our fallen world. But it does beg the question, are there any Christian churches out there with doctrine and teachings that are totally without error? If not, then to one degree or another, Babylon has infected all Christian churches. What becomes of these churches when Babylon ultimately falls at the feet of God?

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Yes, the Catholic Church. Any member can tell you that its teachings on faith and morals are infallible.

Don’t fall for the devil’s relativism! How on earth do you twist “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”???

No scholar, but it certainly seems plain enough.

I very much like your answer.:thumbsup:

The walls of Babylon have fallen down in the literal sense -Babylon has been just a pile of ruins for centuries

if one views the Catholic Church as Babylon -then some pillars are shaky but othr pillars such as in Africa hold firm-Europe only culturally catholic and South America rapidly loosing ground to evangelicals maybe in a hundred years or so it will fall

just a strange post

Regarding the Catholic Church, I think the fall of Babylon (world system) will effect it financially…it will hurt the Church in that way because the Catholic Church is connected to the financial system, as are all other Churches.

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