The Cimorellis!

I just thought I’d post this group who, I think, are absolutely amazing role models to kids today. They are all siblings, and I am no way related to them, but I do think they should garner more Catholic fans. I know they are rising stars as teens are starting to become more and more connected with them, using their popularity as a means of helping others. Sooo, check their page out!!!

But, really, I have to give them props for setting such good examples for others behind them. :thumbsup:

This is from an article which appeared a year ago: “Who Would Appear on ‘Catholic Idol’?”

Finally, Cimorelli is an amazing group that’s received a great deal of attention lately. A week ago they reached #6 on the iTunes U.S. pop album chart. They’re a group of six Catholic home-schooled sisters (Lisa, Katherine, Christina, Dani, Amy, and Lauren) who sing a cappella covers of popular tunes. One thing that I, as a parent like, is that they clean up questionable lyrics in the pop tunes they sing. Their YouTube channel features 92 of their videos, and they’ve had more than 100 million views. Check out their CimFam CD and purchase it for a loved one this Christmas. Here’s a video of them singing “Dynamite.”

They have a heavy presence online via social media. :o

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