The Closer--the last three episodes

Some observations:

I am still in shock about them killing off her mother. And the horrified look on Willie Rae’s face was really sad. Her parents always provided comic relief. This had to be a really sad episode.

I have always liked the way they have portrayed the Church. The Church is played as being like the police…flawed people working really hard to help people and fight evil. There were four episodes in which priests played major roles. In all four, the Church, although sometimes adversarial to the police, is not portrayed in a truly negative institution. Both the Church and the LAPD have common interests. Also: good job on the producers part in casting a man who looks like Archbishop Gomez instead of portraying the archbishop as just another white guy.

My guess for who is the leak. The huge hint was dropped last week when they introduced Det. Gabriel’s girlfriend. She is a law student. She probably clerked or worked for the attorney who sued Brenda and was pumping Gabriel for information.

My theory for the finale is that Pope will not get the Chief’s position. He is a jerk and shouldn’t be rewarded. Instead, the Police Commission will chose Brenda as she was the finalist who lost out to Chief Delp. It will be a surprise and a twist ending.

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