The college life


I just started my college experience a few weeks ago and it seems that my catchphrase has become “oh no”.


You gotta give us more than that, lol!


How about this: “oh noooooooo!”


Sounds about right. Better’n Oh, ship!


My oldest child entered college this month. It’s a big transition and there are going to be some rough spots. I imagine you are doing all right and you’ll figure it out.

Anyhow, I will send some prayers your way.


Thank you. Could always use prayers. :slight_smile:


There are minors on this forum


It’s a sailing vessel. Oh you were thinking something else. Shame! :wink:

Praying for you.



Happens everytime you have a whole new kind of work system. It takes some getting used to and mistakes can be learned from.

Don’t be discouraged


I’m too excited to become discouraged yet, haha. Suuuper excited to be a nurse. I just have to pass with at least a 2.750 GPA this year!


Hang in there AS and soon your “Oh no!” will turn into “bring it on!”.


I might have to get through this first semester before that happens



Sometimes opening a window and shouting helps relieve the stress.


Wouldn’t want to get campus safety involved, lol. But I agree, shouting does help.


That all depends on what you shout, Try something like “Anatomy is driving me nuts!” :rofl:


It’s actually medical terminology :joy:

Otorhinolaryngology means the study of the ears, nose, and throat


That is just a matter of learning the vocabulary, and now that you know that word just call it ENT like the rest of us. :sunglasses:


Of course :joy: I did not plan on repeating “otorhinolaryngologist”


Do they give you extra exam time to write that word out?


Nope. I’m on my own


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