The College Loan Racket ( or the ugly face of Liberalism )

This is probably the best parody on Liberalism I’ve ever seen. And though it slams the College Loan system, it is an obvious description of and condemnation of Liberalism in general. You just have to read it.


Thanks Linus. Interesting take and enjoyable parable.

For a follow up article, perhaps Crisis can examine how home ownership was once free. Cut down enough logs to make a shelter, improve it, stake out a little plot on the free land all around and the pioneers could live.

Somewhere along the line banks and the Government came to own all the land (or could tax what people “owned” - however far their mortgages might be from completion.

Mortgages, rents, college loan repayal, long term automobile contracts. They’re necessary (or seem so) … and put qualifiers upon our lives as “free” people. So they are all worthy of examination.

I must admit for all of this that our quality of living versus that of yesteryear is phenomenal. Even many “poor” people in the US wake up each morning and switch on
color cable TVs while their microwaves and coffeemakers speed them breakfast. Most folks have central heating, hot and cold running water, full baths with shower, tub and toilet all indoors … usually with an exhaust fan for further hygeine and comfort. In other words,
poor people of today often have luxuries not even the “rich” had 150 years ago.

The cost of “free” keeps going up though. Counterbalanced by the little slaveries we must
contract for ourselves occasionally. And self-interested Government “Godfathers” as in the article are not so different from the self-interested (but private sector … acting as a government) Dons of old. IMO.

Anyone who wants to give up their “slavery” and go back to outhouses, no heat, no electricity, modern medicine, etc. is certainly welcomed to do so in my opinion… just leave us poor “slaves” the toilet paper you are giving up — sarcasm intended!

Property taxes are used for the common good. They are used to provide services that would be way too expensive if purchased individually. In the cities they are higher because there are more services such as shared sewers, and paved roads. Around here one can reduce their property taxes by 2/3rds, but if they have to commute for work, the savings is eaten up in gas purchases. Their septic system may need replaced as well and that’s a $10k bill.

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